Hoboken Gardens Celebrates 20th Anniversary

By Flowers by Hoboken | Nov 19, 2008

Rockport — Hoboken celebrates 20th anniversary, invites public to stop by for Annual Holiday Open House.

By Amy Lea
The Herald Gazette Reporter
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ROCKPORT (Nov 19): Family owned florist and garden center Hoboken Gardens will celebrate 20 years in business this weekend.


More than 35 years ago, the Farley family in Rockport established Farley and Son Landscaping, a successful business that eventually expanded to include the blossoming garden center and florist shop.

The staff of Hoboken Gardens, front, from left, Mike Saunders, Alison Dyer, Erika Carlson, Michelle Heald, Lisa Farley, Sara Johnstone and Andrea Kelly; and back, Tom Farley, Sean Richards, Gretchen Richards, Carole Farley, Krista Tolman, Dave Farley, Brian Lynch and Daniel Morgan. Missing is Dennis Milliken. (Photo by Amy Lea)

"I am proud to be a lifetime resident of Rockport and to have been fortunate enough to have a successful business and employ many people from the local area," said Dave Farley. "I am happy to have my family, also residents of Rockport, all be a part of our family business. I appreciate all our customers and employees who have helped us be what we are today."

The Route 1 business, which recently gave way to an addition to enhance the front entrance to the building, will host a celebration this weekend.

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