Historical society talk focuses on ESP research in Glen Cove

By Staff | Jan 26, 2009

Camden — Mind-control research for the CIA and ESP testing at laboratories in Glen Cove and Camden in the 1950s will be the topic Sunday, Feb. 8 as the Camden-Rockport Historical Society holds its first Coffee Chat of the new year. The talk was rescheduled from Jan. 18.

There’s even a Star Trek connection.

Greg Munn, a local authority on ghosts and paranormal phenomena, will speak at 2 p.m. in the Jean Picker Room at the Camden Public Library. He will describe the work of researcher Dr. Andrei (Henry K.) Puharich.

Although the work may “sound far out,” as Munn said, Puharich actually was a leading expert in his field and lived in the area for a few years.

Puharich was trying to prove whether ESP — extra sensory perception — existed or not, Munn said. “He had a theory that ESP could be enhanced by placing his subjects in an electrical field of energy. He also was involved in research in low-frequency audio waves, which he believed may be used to devise some weapons.”

There's evidence that Puharich may have received funds from the CIA for this project, Munn said.

Some accounts say Puharich’s work had “a distinctly sinister side,“ encompassing a variety of techniques to change or induce actual thought processes. These techniques included the use of drugs, hypnosis and beaming radio signals into the subject’s brain.

Puharich’s Round Table Foundation is now reportedly known to have been largely funded by the Pentagon as a front for its medical and parapsychological research. Among board members were men from Camden and Rockport.

A medical doctor, Puharich worked primarily to bridge medicine and parapsychology. He held 56 American and U.S. patents for his inventions in the fields of medical electronics, neurophysiology and biocybernetics.

One patent, issued in 1983, involved water molecules and complex electrical waveforms. The resulting hydrogen and oxygen mixture created a new kind of environmental friendly fuel made of water.

The Star Trek connection? Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, was involved for a time in a group called Lab Nine that met at Puharich’s Ossining, N.Y., home.

Munn started doing research in the paranormal field several years ago.

While he said he approaches this topic “in a skeptical manner,” he feels there may be “some small validity to some phenomena in this field.”

Munn will present pictures and audio recordings along with his talk.

The event is free and open to all. Refreshments will be served.

The historical society owns and operates the Conway Homestead and Cramer Museum off Route 1 at the Camden-Rockport town line. For more information call 594-8047.
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