Ford Motor Company sold more cars in May than any other automaker

Midcoast — Ford Motor Company sold more cars in May than any other automaker. The Ford Fusion was the only 2010 Hybrid on the list.

By: Andy Hodges

Published: Jun 5, 2009

Updated: Jun 5, 2009

Ford Motor Company sold more vehicles in the month of May than any other automaker. The 2010 Ford Fusion was the only Hybrid in the top 10.
Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has sold more cars in May than any other automaker. The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is the only green car of its kind that made the top 10. However, the total sales of the top 20 vehicles fell 32.9 percent in comparison to 2008.

1.Ford F-Series Pickup
2.Chevy Silverado-C/K Pickup
3.Toyota Camry
4.Honda Accord
5.Toyota Corolla
6.Honda Civic
7.Nissan Altima
8.Dodge Ram Pickup
9.Ford Fusion
10.Honda CR-V
11.Chevrolet Malibu
12.Chevrolet Impala
13.Ford Escape
14.Ford Focus
15.Toyota RAV4
16.Hyundai Sonata
17.Hyundai Elantra
18.Chevrolet Cobalt
19.Jeep Wrangler
20.Toyota Prius
While the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid made the top 10, sales for the 2010 Honda Insight aren't even in the top 20. Honda released its Hybrid in early May. The other surprise was the Toyota Prius which is the total number of its second-generation vehicles.

The Ford Fusion is already showing signs of maturity in the Hybrid market. This is a good sign for Ford as it holds the top spot for 2010 Hybrids. Ford Fusion has been well respected and overall reviews for the Hybrid have been good.

Ford is also undergoing many changes to become a green car company. For example, they reopened a Ford plant in Ohio and rehired workers to begin production of its EcoBoost engine. EcoBoost is fuel efficient engine, which delivers the power of a V8.

If you go down the top 20 list, you will see where Ford sold more vehicles than other competitors in certain categories. For instance, Ford F-Series outsold the GM Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram Pickup. I still can't get over the fact that the Ford Fusion is the only 2010 Hybrid listed in the top 10.

Ford has survived some major obstacles in the automobile industry. While General Motors Corp and Chrysler filed for bankruptcy, Ford is still growing in strength. The automaker is definitely, by far, the winner of the Big Three.

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