8 Ways Your Body Changes After Pregnancy

By Jennifer Noble | Mar 07, 2018

You've waited nine months and finally your little bundle of joy is here. Your body went through many changes, from weight gain to stretch marks and a larger bust, but it was all worth it to be able to hold your greatest gift in your arms. Now that pregnancy is over, you need to prepare yourself. Your body is going to feel and look different. To be aware of what to expect, pay attention to eight ways your body changes after pregnancy.

Your Estrogen Levels are Going to Drop

While you are pregnant, your reproductive hormone levels are on the rise. You'll see a drop when it comes to estrogen after your baby has been born. It's going to be quite an extreme change and you're going to feel the effects. You're likely to experience fatigue and your libido is going to do a disappearing act. Prepare your partner. The only thing you will be interested in doing when you are in bed is getting a few hours of sleep before the baby is up again.

You Might Need to Buy Larger Shoes

While you were pregnant, you gained weight. It's all part of the process. You could gain as much as thirty pounds on average. Your feet had to bear more pressure and expanded. Swelling is common as well. There is also the release of a hormone called relaxin to help prepare your body for childbirth by relaxing your ligaments. The end result can be feet that are a bit larger than they were before. Don't be surprised if you need larger shoes to be comfortable.

Hair Loss is Common

Your increase in estrogen during pregnancy was part of the reason you had the best hair of your life. Once hormone levels drop after delivery, you can expect some hair loss. After a few months, it will get back to normal. Sometime around the six-month mark, your hair should get back to normal.

Your Breasts are Likely to Decrease in Size

While you are pregnant, your breasts will get larger. It's all part of the package as your body prepares for the arrival of your baby and breastfeeding. If you choose to nurse your baby, your breasts will continue to be larger and may swell even more. Once nursing is over, the opposite is likely to happen. You could drop as much as a cup size once your body adjusts to your post-baby days.

Your Skin May Go Through Changes

You knew having a baby would change your figure. You never expected it to change your skin. Some women go through severe bouts of acne due to hormonal fluctuations. Hopefully, this will clear up after you have had your baby. If you have brown patches on your face known as the "mask of pregnancy," they should go away. You may notice that your skin is really dry or you may develop a rash that is noticeable around your mouth. These issues will go away in a matter of weeks.

You Might Look Like You're Still Pregnant for a While

Your abdomen is going to take some time to get back to normal after pregnancy. Your uterus will be swollen and hard immediately after delivery. It will take about six weeks before it shrinks down to its normal size again. You're going to have stretch marks and your midsection is going to be flabby. Regular exercise will help you to tone up your tummy, but don't go to extremes. Ease your way into a fitness program.

You Might Have Some Issues in the Bathroom

Constipation and bouts of urinary incontinence are typical after pregnancy. Fiber and plenty of fluids can help you to deal with constipation in order to become more regular. If you have irritation when you urinate in addition to incontinence, you may be dealing with an infection. See your doctor about any concerns.

You May Develop Vein Issues

While you are pregnant, your legs tend to swell. This may result in spider veins or varicose veins. Once you have had your baby, your legs will return to their normal size. However, your vein problems may not go away. You'll find many helpful resources that can point you in the right direction for vein care.

While it is true that your body won't be what it used to be immediately after having a baby, embrace the new you. A woman's body is amazing and it's helped you to bring your child into the world.


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