7 Simple Ways to Impress Your Dinner Party Guests

By Jennifer Noble | Oct 12, 2017

Small things can make or break a thing. In the same manner, the impression that you give your dinner party guests comes from those little things you do. They say that good things exist in small packages and for sure, the quality of service for your party guests is in what you may consider to be of no consequence. Don’t be carried away by the bigger picture to a point of forgetting the little things. Do you want your guests to be impressed by your dinner party?  Well, here are 7 simple ways that you can impress your dinner party guests.

  1. Greetings on Arrival

This may seem obvious but when done in the right manner, it sends a good gesture and sets the right environment for your guests. In most cases, children tend to reach out for the door while you are busy engrossed in dinner preparations. Staying in the kitchen busy with such activities is an unpleasant thing to do to your guests. Therefore, it is important to spare this little time and open the door yourself. Take hostess gifts and coats and converse slightly and let them feel welcome before any other thing.

  1. Setting an Appealing Table

Beautiful is not necessarily expensive. Use what you have a make a nice presentation on the dinner table. For instance, make use of glass jars that have colorfully wrapped chocolate eggs or set a fruit basket right at the center. Placing cards on seats with their names will also help them settle quickly and comfortably. More than that, providing a menu for the dinner on a printout will be more appealing to your guests.

  1. Signature Cocktail

Serve a signature cocktail to your dinner guests. These should not stress you up. Make use of old drink recipes that are your favorite and you think will be suitable for the party. Look at this nature of being a family-centered occasion, offering brunch cocktails would be a good idea.

  1. Serve Hot Buns

Renowned fast food restaurants such as Starbucks have started warming cookies for their customers. This shows care and concern to them. It is something worth doing for your guests. Take bread and pop it in a low oven for a number of minutes prior to serving it. As you work on it, make sure you remove the butter from the fridge to soften for about 30 minutes. Make it fresh otherwise it may cause displeasure amongst your guests.

  1. Set a Children’s Corner

In this kind of setting, you need to keep the children busy. Provide a craft station for them, somewhere where they will not bother you and your guests. Some of the best ideas is to set some space where children will decorate and color their Easter eggs. When the children are happy, your guests will do their stuff without disturbance and this will really impress them.

  1. Prepare in Advance

You will be doing a very big mistake to keep yourself busy in the kitchen while your guests sit for hours waiting for you. This is indeed unpleasant. Don’t let your guests entertain themselves. Despite the good preparations at the end, your guests will be displeased that you had to do this while they were already in your house. Guests want to find you ready for the occasion. If the dish you have chosen for the dinner is involving, start early preparations. Otherwise, just choose an easy yet delicious menu that can be put together and let to cook in the oven as the party continues. In that case, you may consider doing a turkey or chicken pie, braised cabbage, roast turkey and roasted root vegetables among other choice dishes.

  1. Prepare Extra Portions

Don’t limit yourself to cooking food that will get finished that night. Ideally, prepare extra portions so that guests could carry home some after having the dinner. Letting your guests carry the leftovers will give them a good impression and the experience will remain forever in them. To prepare for this, consider buying disposable containers and beautiful paper bags. Let your guests use them to package the leftovers to take home.

What to do you do to make your dinner party pleasant? Listed here are some of the amazing ideas that you can employ to make your guests happy. More than the food you have prepared, it is important for your guests to feel at home and impressed in every way. Right from the start and throughout the party, guests should enjoy the peace in your house and a tranquil atmosphere filled with inspiration.


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