7 foods to send as gifts

By Jennifer Noble | Mar 11, 2018

Giving a gift to the person who has everything is a challenge that we have all faced. The perfect solution to this problem is edible. Delicious food is always a welcome gift that won’t end up being returned or collecting dust on a shelf. These seven items make the tastiest gifts.


This sweet gift is crunchy, healthy and can be eaten alone or thrown into recipes to make an appetizing dish. When you want to send food to someone with dietary restrictions, it is hard to go wrong with fruit. There is an amazing variety to choose from, and it can be included in nearly every diet of those with health concerns. You can send whole pieces of fruit or order a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut fruit.


With the astounding variety of cheese available, it is unlikely that your friends and family have tried them all. You can introduce them to delicious new cheeses, or give them their old favorites by sending a cheese basket. Including a note with explanations on why you love the cheeses you sent is a great personal touch that will make them think of you every time they sample from your gift. You can also include a bottle or two of wine that pairs well with the cheese you picked.


A unique gift for the seafood enthusiast in your life is lobster tails straight from the east coast of New England. Most people who love lobster wait until they take a beach trip to indulge in their favorite dish. You can bring the ocean to them with a lobster gift basket. The lobster is frozen almost as soon as it is caught and shipped anywhere. The recipient of the gift can then prepare their lobster in the way they like best and have an unforgettable meal.


Birthday cake can be a nice treat, but some people would rather use those calories on gooey pastries. A baked goods gift basket includes a variety of sinfully indulgent cookies, breads, rolls and danishes. If you have a client to thank or you want to make a good impression, sending this gift will have everyone from the CEO to the cleaning lady appreciating your generosity.


For someone who can’t open their eyes until that first cup of coffee touches their lips, you can’t give a better gift than a bag of quality beans. It’s a fabulous way to take someone around the world of coffee and introduce them to new roasts they may have never tried. Whether the gift is for a die hard coffee connoisseur or a new coffee junkie, there is always something to learn about the world of Java.


The gift of chocolate isn’t just reserved as a present for your sweetheart. Everyone enjoys the rich, dark sweetness of a high end chocolate. Just as coffee from different parts of the world has unique flavor profiles, chocolate grown in different regions picks up its own individual taste from the soil in which it is grown. Gifting someone with a journey around the world in chocolate is a special way to travel through food.


Nuts are a nutritious snack with plenty of vitamins, minerals and protein. They also happen to be incredibly delicious. This food is easy to preserve and ship, so it is perfect for when you are not sure if the recipient can immediately take the delivery. The salty, crunchiness makes a great snack. Send nuts as a wedding gift that the new couple can take on their honeymoon as a ready to eat snack or to new parents to give them something nutritious to grab during late night feedings.

From grandma to your boss, food is always an appreciated and appropriate gift. It is something that can be shared and give warm, fuzzy feelings. If you need a quick, thoughtful gift, you can’t go wrong with one of these seven popular foods.


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