7 Common Ecommerce Problems and Solutions

By Jennifer Noble | Feb 12, 2018

Having a newly developed site will require you to have a deep insight on common issues that arise. Regardless of the fact whether you're experienced when it comes to ecommerce, a lot of these sites can be problematic when it comes to maintenance. Here are some common things that most merchants don't pay attention to.

Poor Image

If you run an ecommerce business, images are of great importance to your success. Customers that come to your website have probably never seen the products they've provided. In order to have their attention and instill trust, you'll have to provide them with a good overview.

This means that you have to take photos of every product from different angles. If it's a purse, make sure to have a photo that will show the inside of it as well. The more you show, the more satisfying will your customers be.

Product Description

Poor product descriptions are a common unseen problem for many ecommerce sites. Describing a product is the chapter that might sell it. This is the reason why you shouldn’t use old and copied product descriptions. Be creative and write down your own one.

Payment Issues

"Credit card processing should be the fun part for your customers. Even a short delay can make them unhappy with your reliability", says Ollie Smith from credit card processing comparison site ExpertSure.

Any particular issue that your customers may experience can lead to lower sales. This means that your payment methods have to be easy to utilize and fast enough to provide your customers with trust.

Convenience, security and speed are key for maintaining a reliable payment process. You will be expected to have a SSL certificate, since it will secure the payment data. Some of the payment services will charge a fee on transactions. If you want to keep your customers satisfied, you'll have to take the bullet and suffer the expenses.

Out of Stock

When facing a lot of traffic, there are variety of problems that may occur. One of the most common is when items that get ordered are actually out of stock. This leads to a situation where even refunding the product won't solve the issue. Having a frustrated customer is the last thing you want to experience with your ecommerce business. The best way of regaining their trust would be to personally apologize and offer them alternatives at your cost.

Shipping Options

If you want to succeed as an ecommerce company, you will have to learn more about shipping methods. If people don't have a clear insight on the shipping payments, it's most likely that they'll drop the purchase.

Today, so many companies offer a free-shipping solution that it makes it hard to maintain a business without you offering it as well. In order to make your shipping as cheap as possible, be sure to consider multiple services for different areas.

Some customers may demand a package to arrive earlier than it takes. This means that you have to provide them with options which include an express delivery also. You can use this method to charge them the whole shipping fee as well.

Mobile Access

If you run an ecommerce site, mobile access is the most important thing you have to provide. Be sure to have a nice design of your site and make it easy for a mobile device to use it. This will put you one step ahead of your competitors. In fact, 57% of customers wouldn't recommend an ecommerce site that is poorly designed for smartphones.

Site Security

Merchants usually don't pay a lot of attention to this particular detail. But, studies have shown that 25% of customers drop their purchases due to website security concerns. If the users aren't provided with security, it's likely that you'll experience reduced sales.

In order to avoid this issue, be sure to get a digital certificate that will provide authenticity of your website. This will protect sensitive data and communicate to customers that your network can be trusted and that their information is secure.


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