Everyone is you

By Joe Tassi | Jul 07, 2009

Everyone is me and that means everyone is you. Think about that. If we considered everyone we encountered to be us, we might treat everyone differently.

We might treat everyone the way we want to be treated. Take some time to watch the world go about its business; people just like us are living their daily lives, eating, sleeping, working, talking on their cell phones, driving, wearing sunglasses, hurrying, pressing to be, do, and get somewhere.

I’ll see the face of a driver in the oncoming lane, hat on, sunglasses, coffee cup in hand looking tense and unfriendly. Then I look in the rear view mirror and I see the same person, me. It startles me but it makes me realize that every man, woman and child, though particular circumstances vary, lives the same experience.

Through anger, fear, loneliness, hunger, happiness, joy, physical pain, youth and old age, birth and death we share this; it makes us the same, it makes us one.

Imagine for a moment if you will our current understanding of reality to be an illusion, a creation of our thinking minds, our egos. Imagine that there is no one but you on earth and that everyone you see that you think is another person in this illusion is actually you. You pass someone on the street and it’s you. All the people in the mall are you. Everyone on the planet is you. If you hurt them, cheat them, abuse them you would be hurting you. But if you were kind to them, helped them, forgave them, loved them you would be giving all that kindness, help, forgiveness and love to you.

Whoa there Joe, what the heck are you saying. I’m saying that in man's historic search for answers to the questions about our existence we have lost understanding about our relationship with creation. In other words, we have forgotten that we are the creators, the creator. Scratching your heads? Do you wish that this article were just an illusion? I understand. Let me put it this way. We are responsible for our pain and our joy.

The world we live in is the world that we create but here’s the part I like best. All we have to do to access our creative power is to believe it exists and to put that power into practice; all we have to do is love and treat ourselves better. When we do we will be treating everyone that is “you” better, and “the world will live as one” (John Lennon). Imagine that!
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