A reminder

By Joe Tassi | Jun 21, 2009

"This is it isn’t it? Staying clear about remaining in the moment when the moment does not feel good. It is our nature to run from pain. But don’t, Joe, stay with it and feel it, move through it into the next unfolding moment. What you are feeling is fear, fear about the world, money, your family and most insidious, the fear created by your thinking mind that keeps you from recognizing your divinity. Every moment is as it should be. Live it as though you chose it. See the lesson."

In the past weeks I have written about resistance, peace, personal power and being mindful. I believe in these ideas. And I have suggested that putting into practice an approach to life that includes these ideas would bring about the personal change you may be seeking.

The above excerpt is part of a reminder I wrote to myself this week. Why? Because it is easier to believe than it is to practice. When everything is going well it is easy to theorize about fear and how to face it, to live in the moment and to trust that beyond resistance and fear lives peace. But in the moment when fear surrounds and chokes you it is not so easy. That is why we practice.

I own a seasonal business, a sailing schooner and so far June has been a challenging month. With the economy still scaring people and Maine’s June weather patterns and the initial startup costs, we are just scraping by. Like you, I work hard and I like that. Taking care of my family and building a business is hard, it is a man’s accomplishment. But sometimes I want it to be a little easier and I feel entitled to a life less difficult.

I get angry that it has to be so hard. I get angry at the weather, the economy, and I start looking for something or someone to blame. And when the anger becomes the knot in my stomach and I don’t know what to do and I can’t make it go away, I remember what I know. I remember what the anger really is. It is fear. I am afraid of not being able to care for my family, losing the boat, the house and the life that I have worked so hard to build. My fears are likely the same fears you feel.

It is in these moments of fear that I remind myself that I have never been homeless, or hungry, that I have always found a way to take care of my family. I remember that the only way to address fear is to face it and keep moving into the next moment. If I accept the unfolding moment as if I had chosen it and work with it and not against it, I can ease my grip on the outcome of everything having to turn out the way I want it to.

And I can look with gratitude to the many wonderful pieces of my life, my family, my home and my work.
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