6 Ways to Earn Money Without Going to Work

By Jennifer Noble | Jul 11, 2018

The concept of developing multiple sources of income is not new. And while many of these methods require some effort and planning initially, once they are established, they allow you to earn long-term passive income which most of us can use.

6 Ways to Earn Extra Money via Passive Income Sources

Advertising Revenue


If you're very knowledgeable about a given subject, make that knowledge work for you. If it's a subject that wouldn't translate well into an online course or a book, why not develop a website with a resource center and monetize it?


Using content management systems like Wordpres or free web design platforms like Wix or Weebly, you can make a site at little to no cost and build your resource center there. Within your content you can offer ads like those with Google to generate revenue whenever someone comes to read your valuable content.


You might also consider offering a Patreon account. It allows people who want to donate money to you to help you keep your resource center going, and up to date with fresh content, can do so.

Affiliate and Referral Programs


If you have an existing website or blog, and you discuss products related to your area of expertise, you also earn revenue through affiliate and referral programs. If you are a dog groomer, and often review products like shampoos, you could join Amazon's affiliate program and include a link to the product at the end of your review. If someone buys that product using your link, you get a percentage of the sale.


While Amazon is one of the larger and most widely used of such programs, there are literally thousands of such affiliate and referral programs available. If you're able to convince your audience to give products a try, you can earn extra money.

Get Paid For Your Opinion


Yes, everyone has an opinion but some companies out there will literally pay for yours. Big corporations don't just roll out new products, services, promotions, shows, movies, and more without having used a focus or survey group to evaluate and provide feedback first.


One really great example of survey groups and rewards programs is Swagbucks. A favorite among folks who enjoy surveys and reward programs, Swagbucks has a system that's easy to understand, a transparent operation, and a reputation and commitment to legitimate business. They are recommended by many because they are upfront about how your information is distributed and used, and they pay in a timely manner for your efforts.


Swagbucks is easily accessible with apps for Android and Apple, provide prompt customer service, and offer several different ways to earn money aside from surveys including rewards for using search engines, shopping at specific vendors, a referral program, and much more. You can read further details on review site surveycool.com.

Give Someone a Ride


If you have a vehicle in good shape, are a good driver who knows their way around town, and can comfortably transport people from place to place, driving for companies like Uber and Lyft may be just the side job you've been looking for.


Offering incredible flexibility, driving can be done when you happen to have time and might be a great way to earn money as a retiree, college student, stay at home parent, and more. Where you like will have an impact on what you make, cities naturally will allow you to set a higher hourly rate than a small community. Still, the freedom this particular money-making activity provides is hard to beat.

Share Your Space


If you live a popular tourist town or location and are good with people, renting out space in your apartment or house might be a great source of extra income. Hosts who allow people to stay with them via Airbnb, depending on where you live, can make a very nice supplemental income. If you travel a lot for your primary job, renting out your space might be particularly appealing.

Youtube Videos


If you have an area of expertise, even if you can write a book about it, conduct an online course, or monetize an online resource center of information about it, you should still consider developing Youtube videos as tutorials, guides, and more.


Why? Statistics show that video traffic will make up 82% of all web traffic by 2021. Youtube is actually the second largest search engine on the web and millions view videos there every single day.


You can also monetize these videos on Youtube for even more income. In short, if you can learn to develop quality videos on your subject, it's an opportunity for additional income that really shouldn't be ignored.

In Conclusion

One of the methods wealthy people have used for decades to grow their wealth is to have multiple sources of income. With so many ways to earn extra money without taking on a separate job, you can bring in the extra income you need to live the life you wish.

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