5 Things You Should Include in Your Blog

By Dream Local Digital | Sep 06, 2017

Include these five things in your blog posts to increase engagement.


Blogging is beneficial for every type of business. However, many business owners are unsure of what to include in each blog post. Here is a list to make sure you provide your audience exactly what they need when they are reading your blog.



Give your readers the opportunity to share their thoughts regarding your blog post. By providing a comment area at the bottom of your post, readers can start conversations, ask questions, and share related advice.


2. Guidance
You’re in business because you sell products and / or services that help solve your customers’ needs. Whether you’re a restaurant, a car repair shop, a hair salon, or a clothing boutique, your customers buy from you because you fufill a need. Your blog should help your audience and provide them with content that speaks to their challenges (i.e. if you’re a car repair shop, some of your blogs can discuss how drivers can keep their cars safe on the road). Your blog should provide this type of information that positions you as the go-to expert so your business stays top-of-mind when customers need you.


3. A Story

Who doesn’t love a good story? Ever since we were little kids, we loved reading entertaining tales. Tell your audience about your business story and make it as engaging as possible. Storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level and answer important questions such as: What is the history of your business? What does your business value? Why do you do what you do?


4. Visuals
The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does words. Anything such as pictures, videos, infographics, or charts increases the engagement and captures the reader’s attention. These types of viuals are also great aid and helps communicate the message of your content.


5. Social Sharing Icons

Social sharing icons are important to help drive traffic to your blog post. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your blog posts to be shared on social media because of a lack os social sharing icons. Increase the visibility and traffic to your blog by including these simple icons.


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