5 Steps for Business Success on Pinterest

By Shannon Kinney | Apr 06, 2017

In order to be successful on Pinterest, it's necessary that you do more than just set up an account an pin pretty images. More and more businesses are seeing the potential with this social media platform since the majority of users have made online purchases through Pinterest.

Therefore, it's important to do these five things if you're serious about using it as a digital marketing channel:

1. Optimize Pin Images

Images need to be at least 735 pixels by 1002 pixels in order to stand out in the news feed. Below are additional factors to consider when creating high-performing images...

  • Orientation - vertically-oriented ("portrait") images show up larger and better than "landscape" ones.
  • Colors - choose images with multiple dominant colors (those that have more red and orange tones tend to get more re-pins than single-colored images or ones that are mostly blue).
  • Background - show product images on plain backgrounds so they stand out more
  • Faces - interestingly, images that do not contain faces get re-pinned more
2. Optimize Pin Descriptions
Pinterest is a platform for search and discovery, so be sure your pins are SEO-friendly. Use relevant keywords when describing your pins and include a call to action whenever you can that will encourage users to visit your website or make a purchase. Pinterest has a limit of 500 characters; include the most important keywords within the first 75-100 characters, as the rest of the description is hidden until users click on the pin.
3. Use Rich Pins
A rich pin is one that includes additional details from your website (i.e. price, availability, where to buy, etc.). There are six types of rich pins: apps, movies, recipes, articles, products, and places. You should definitely be using rich pins if your business falls into one of these categories or if you are pinning valuable content related to these topics. Rich pins increase credibility and engagement.
4. Cross-promote Popular Pins
When sending emails, include images that are pinnable so that customers can add the images directly to their boards. You can also showcase your most popular pins within emails. This provides a great purchasing incentive for your readers. You can also embed Pinterest boards on your website so your website visitors will see your most recent pins.
5. Test Promoted Pins
Promoted pins show up in both search and category feeds and are re-pinned an average of 11 times and receive a 30% increase in earned media. Promoted pins are a great way to get your pins in front of a larger audience.
Today, Pinterest is too important for any business to ignore. If you're ready to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level, sign up for a free marketing consultation.
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