5 Right Colours That Can Transform Your Home in a Day

By Olaotan Richard | Feb 02, 2018
Source: https://www.flickr.com Colors can transform your home from boring, lifeless and dull to exciting, stimulating and full of life.

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Colors can transform your home from boring, lifeless and dull to exciting, stimulating and full of life. Nowadays people invest so much in renovating their home which includes fixing old furniture, buying new ones, creating modular kitchens and so on. Amidst all this, the most important aspect of decoration which is the color of home is left behind sometimes. In fact, if you ask any home interior expert, the first thing he will suggest is to shade the home with color based on your choice. Well, there are plenty of choices available and it’s about finding your favorite pick. In this article, we list out the five right colors that can transform your home in a day!

1. RED

Red shows confidence and is high in energy. Red is loud and positive. It brings positive vibes all over the vicinity. Not only that, it really stands for love and compassion. So you can have the tone of romance with color red all over your home. It can be the wall color, color of curtains, sofas, pillow covers and so on. In short, red is always considered as a powerful color and is eye-catching as well.

2. Green

The color green resembles nature and has a calm and soothing effect. The best part about using green is that it is contemporary and stylish altogether. It goes well with other colors and always looks young and vibrant. If red is too loud for you then green should be your pick. The light shade of green can work magic on curtains, pillow covers or wall pictures for living room, leaving the beholder astound with an everlasting calmness and serenity.

3. White

It’s not a hidden fact that most of the famous, elegant and stylishly luxurious hotels prefer white over any color. Reason is very simple. White is the ultimate simplicity. White works like magic on glass windows, curtains, chairs, sofas, lighting and what not! White is peaceful and most relaxing color ever. The fact that most hotels don’t give on white sometimes leaves white out of choice as a preferable color for home. The best part about the color white is that your room will always be bright and full of life.

4. Brown

Brown is most widely in use because it’s simple to implement and is most common to match with furniture, doors and windows, dining table and so on. The color is beautiful and if you implement the color on floor and wall it becomes irresistible, which is why the wooden floor and walls are interestingly fascinating and eye-catching.

5. Blue

Well, blue or turquoise as you like. If above four colors fail to match your mood, light blue or turquoise can do the magic. The color is genuine and resembles the color of sky and oceans. It has a cool and calm effect and is very nice and appealing. The pillow covers or the wall paintings with a shade of this color can be perfect matching combos. Well, it’s entirely up to you but preferring blue over purple sometimes is a hard choice for many. Haven’t added purple in the list because colors are dime a dozen and the simplicity and ease of transformation also counts. Blue is rather easier to do than most of the other colors. All you need is a little bit of color sense and you are set to transform your home.

In the end, you can decide the mood and set the tone of your home merely by choosing the right color for your home. While right colors can have a positive effect, bad implementation can make things wrong and have a repelling effect. Hence choose the color wisely and if needed consult an expert, as it is not every day you color your home.


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