5 Questions for 'a farm girl'

By Beth A. Birmingham | Jul 16, 2017
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Sarah Pike, right, and sons Sam and Ben pose in front of one of five luxury A-frame cottages available for a wooded getaway at Tops'l Farm in Waldoboro.

Waldoboro — When one area girl thumbed her nose at the way she was being brought up -- on a working farm -- she never imagined she would find herself owning one.

Sarah Pike and her husband, Josh, met in college -- he grew up in Farmington and she was born in Newburyport, Mass., and her family relocated to Montville when she was young. The couple eventually moved back to Newburyport, where she has been operating her food company, Buen Sabor, for the last decade.

During a return trip from visiting her brother's farm, Sarah found a listing for property at 364 Bremen Road in Waldoboro. Suffice it to say, the Pikes are now in the midst of getting their dream going after purchasing the 83-acre Tops'l Farm in February 2016.

Busy designing an event barn, A-frame cottages, platformed tents, and a list of activities a mile long since, Sarah took time out to answer these five questions:

After growing up in a lifestyle you say you did not embrace, what led you to want to get into farming?

"The values of hard work and providing for yourself were things I learned, even though I hated growing up on a farm. Then, when my husband said he wanted to have a farm I was like, 'been there, done that.' But after seeing this place, I really wanted to make it a working farm again."

Why does this farm work for you?

"It came from a family of four generations from Marblehead, Mass., who came here to relax ... and I love that. My mom use to turn the headlights of the car onto the garden so she could keep picking beets. It was work, work, work. I'd like to combine the two and have play to balance out the work."

What do you currently offer?

"Glamping, a farm stay and being in the woods. We want to help people unplug in one of our A-frame cottages or a canvas camp tent. We have archery, lawn games, fire pits, a common area, and showers."

Where is this adventure taking you?

"We know this is the next chapter in our lives and we just have to listen to our hearts. I now have this intense need to learn from my mom. Once the barn is done, I want to bring in other experts and include people in the process for workshops and classes -- from a tourism perspective, instead of the manufacturing. I spent the last decade doing that. Next is learning all the things I threw my nose up at."

Where did the farm name come from?

"A lot of people think it's from top soil, but it's actually 'topsail' from the top of a sailboat."

For more information on Tops'l Farm, visit the website at topslfarm.com or call 435-640-6440.

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