5 Fascinating Facts about Data Storage and Servers

By Mike Krieger | May 16, 2018

Technological tools such as the HP ML30 G9 server and HP DL380E G8 server make so much of today's world possible. From video streams to free WiFi at parks and beaches, it is all thanks in large part to computer servers. In honor of these machines that make our society operate and function better, let's take a look at five interesting facts about servers and their capabilities.


Manufacturing companies that produce servers focus primarily on the servers themselves. Today's world is all about specialization, and this means that even core components like memory often come from partner producers. Your server's memory component may not have been made right alongside the server itself. On server farms, where a group of servers is used to meet advanced demands that one server alone couldn't handle, memory often comes from outside the server manufacturer. This memory is often much less expensive and still comes with the same warranties and standards.


Storing data on servers presents an ever-growing problem. Recent studies show that up to 47% of companies report data growth and storage is a significant challenge. This is due in large part to the rapid rise in the need for storage. Every year, storage requirements grow by approximately 40%, and the world's data is projected to be fifty times what it is now in the next decade. In today's world, many companies are choosing merged virtualized environments instead of on-site solutions. This means more and more businesses are shifting away from traditional environments and instead storing data in online, virtual ways that offer options for data retrieval.


Data storage is no easy expense. In fact, data storage costs are always on the rise, despite advancements in storage efficiency. Companies will need to budget more money for servers and storage solutions every year. Research indicates that storage needs grow between 15% to 25% each year. That means companies are having to be smarter with their budgets and funding as they plan for the future.

Server Hotspot

Do you ever wonder where exactly your data goes when you store it on a server? Well, chances are it touches Loudoun County, Virginia. This is a huge server hotspot, as nearly 70% of the world's internet traffic travels through this area. It's recognized as "Data Center Alley" and currently has upwards of 60 different server clusters and farms. These servers cover more than 10 million square feet of space, and there are plans for 3.5 million more square feet of servers in the near future!


One of the world's largest technology companies built an incredibly advanced server data center. Facebook constructed the Luleå data center in northern Sweden near the Arctic Circle. The facility may be in the middle of the frozen tundra, but the cold air actually serves a unique purpose. Cooling systems maintain proper temperatures for servers by using the chilly air outside the building, and the serves run on hydroelectric power. This is just one example of how location matters when it comes to servers like the HP ML30 G9 server.

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