4 Easy and Quick Ways to Get Organized

Four tips from Breakwater Design & Build, Inc. to get your house organized:

1. Patrol the border.

Installing shelves along the perimeter of a room, a foot or two below the ceiling, provides a perch for large display items, seldom used platters or serving bowls - even audio equipment.

2. Find your niche.

The space between wall studs is a smart place to add a tiled nook that can hold cleanser bottles, a soap dish, and other bath-time essentials.

3. Take a seat.

Whether built-in or freestanding, a storage bench in the nook under a dormer window can hold plenty of backup supplies and a stack of extra towels.

4. Island style.

Adding storage at one end is a simple way to make an island or peninsula more functional. Translucent glass doors mitigate the bulky feeling of a large island while still hiding what's inside.




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