3 Tips for a Successful Date

By Jennifer Noble | Jan 03, 2018

The hard part is over; you have gotten the object of your affection to agree to go out with you. It is all done now, right? Wrong. You still have the date to contend with and remember you only have one chance to make an excellent first impression. Eye contact, body language, and good conversation on a date will serve as significant indicators of whether there will be a happily ever after or they are just not that into you. Here are a few things to watch for that will let you know if your date will be a success.

The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul

Studying your partner's eyes will reveal if you are on the right track. When you are halfway through your story about how you single-handedly won the state championship for your high school, are their eyes riveted to you and hanging on your every word, or are they studying the unique design of the lighting? The answer, if you have not guessed, is you want them waiting for the moment you reveal the all-important details of your conquest. If your partner indeed is into you, they will want to show interest by making, and keeping, eye contact with you.

Come Closer, Or Not

The most important body language signals will come from the body. I know, that fact is surprising. Take the time to notice how they react to you. Do they lean in when engaged in conversation, or are they far enough away that you have to raise your voice so they can hear you? When a person moves in closer, it indicates interest. Leaning away and looking like they would rather be anywhere but here with you does not bode well for a second date. If your partner is mimicking your body movements, this is also an excellent sign that things are going well. Copying body movement shows mutual attraction and an attempt to gain common ground. Picking up on those body clues will give you an idea of how well you are doing. I had the pleasure of speaking with Amber Kelleher-Andrews, internationally-renowned relationship expert and CEO of Kelleher International about this topic. According to Amber, “You should never underestimate the hidden allure of attentiveness and interest in another person.”

What Did You Say?

Believe it or not one of the best ways to grow into a great conversationalist is actually to listen. Pay attention to what your date is saying. If you find yourself thinking about what you are going to say next, stop doing that. Being a good listener means hearing what your partner is saying. You worked hard for this date, and you enjoy being in their company, so listen. You cannot expect to learn about another person if you are not actively listening to them.

Of course, several building blocks make up a successful date, and these three tips are just some of those blocks. These are only a few things that will help you figure out if your date is going well. It is important to remember that your date partner might very well be looking for these same signs from you. All in all just be yourself and enjoy the date.


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