3 Signs You Should Sell Jewelry

By Mike Krieger | Mar 04, 2018

Selling gold jewelry in Atlanta is surprisingly easy to do, especially if you sell directly to experienced buyers who have an eye for precious metals and can assess their quality. However, some people have trouble letting go of gold jewelry, no matter how valuable it may be. Of course, you shouldn't just sell any gold that you have at home. Some of it may be of intrinsic value to you, or may be a prominent fashion accessory that you use often.

Then there are those other types of gold jewelry. These are the 3 signs that it's time to research selling your gold jewelry in Atlanta.

It's Outdated

Unfortunately, the fashion industry changes its rules all of the time, and part of the reason that they do this is to guilt you into replacing what you already own with newer, more seasonal clothing and accessories. Jewelry can be victim to this marketing scheme as well. So you may find yourself with gold jewelry that's a remnant of a previous fashion trend, including chokers and oversized rings. If you want to look more fashionable but don't have the extra income to replace all of your jewelry, sell the gold jewelry you already have and use the profits to buy more trendy pieces.

It's Unopened

Every now and then, you might come across a gift that you never opened or used, like an expired gift card or a shirt that still has its original tags on it. However, gold jewelry shouldn't just sit unused forever. If you put gold away, you certainly weren't interested in wearing it. If this is the case, then you should sell the gold pieces for cash. Jewelry that inspires you will go directly onto your wrist or earlobes, and you'll be too enamored to take it off. Jewelry that goes straight into storage is unwanted, but still has cash value.

It's Damaged

Damaged gold jewelry isn't worthless. For instance, gold earrings that have damaged hooks or a gold watch with a damaged face may seem like garbage, but you may be able to repair it. Repairing jewelry means that you either get the chance to wear it again or sell it for a greater profit. Even real gold that's in poor condition still has a basic value, at the very least the scrap value of the precious metal itself. Before you consider throwing it out or putting it away in storage forever, find institutions who buy gold jewelry. They'll appraise your jewelry, offer you cash for it, and even give you lasting advice for selling gold jewelry in Atlanta.

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