21 years late on Thanksgiving Day

By Lynne Watts | Nov 27, 2014

A search through Camden Herald archives revealed the following:

1 year ago, 2013

The Schooner Timberwind broke free of one rope holding it to the pier in Rockport during windy and rainy conditions Nov. 27.

According to workers securing the boat just after 11 a.m., there was little damage to the sailing vessel, but the pier was damaged and a railing was bent during the incident. Three other ropes securing the schooner to the pier held, workers said.

The bowsprit swung around and showed evidence of a few scrapes. Plastic covering the schooner for the winter was torn in several places as well.

5 years ago, 2009

The storm that blew through Maine this past weekend spared the coast, but inland, heavy snow and wind took down power lines and cut electricity to 18,300 customers by Saturday, according to Central Maine Power. Western Maine, especially Piscataquis and Somerset counties, took the brunt of it all.

But how much warmer November was than last year. A quick glance to one year ago has us glowing with warmth compared with what it was — remember when the ponds froze over and folks were skating on them, and we were frantically digging out snow shovels. By contrast, some of us were still busy the last weekend of November 2009 planting bulbs and cleaning up the gardens. No complaints!

10 years ago, 2004

Since the 1950s, the Camden Garden Club has decorated the Camden's downtown lampposts.

"Many people think that the town puts them together, but it's actually us," said Sue Plaskas, chairman of this year's wreath committee.

Assembling the wreaths, each complete with a strand of twinkling white lights and a big red bow, costs about $1,900 each year. The Garden Club raises the funds throughout the year, hosting a variety of annual events, including the popular house and garden tour.

Plaskas said the wreaths come from Tim Harris of Warren and volunteers make the bows during another workshop held the first week of October.

The materials carry a cost, but the labor is free, courtesy of members of the Garden Club who enjoy the workshop as one way to kick off the holiday season.

Disassembling the wreaths was also once the job of the Garden Club, since the used greenery and electrical components go to separate locations at the transfer station.

Then that task was taken on by a local Scout troop, which recycled the white lights by using them on their annual float for the Christmas by the Sea parade.

25 years ago, 1989

The System works! Who says The Camden Health Care Center and the Penobscot Bay Medical Center can't get along? Only the other day a patient at Pen Bay was perusing her bed linen when she noticed a tag identifying it as the property of CHCC. This is sharing resources alright. Or is appropriating the right word?

Another Post Office Story we couldn't resist. Getting a letter back from the Post Office with the little red finger pointing to return to sender isn't such an unusual experience, but when the letter was sent on May 22, 1968, it does boggle the mind. Mailed by Camden resident Tom Hibbert to his brother Kenneth on board the USS Wasp, the 21-year-old missive had a 10-cent stamp and had just been canceled in Portland on Nov. 18. Presumably the Postal Service wasn't surprised by the ancient letter. Anyway Hibbert planned to see his brother over Thanksgiving and deliver it by hand. Perhaps he can also see if he can get his dime back.

50 years ago, 1964

Chum for Cats and Dogs

Several prepared cat and dog foods make excellent chum for most fish. Puncture cat food can, toss overboard. Oily food creates a long "slick" which attracts baitfish, then big fish.

100 years ago, 1914

This ad was found in the Nov. 20, 1914 edition:

Thanksgiving Supplies: Squire's Shoulders — 15 cents

Squire's 25 pound Tub Lard — 14 cents

Lard Compound — 10 cents

Squire's 5 pound pail or kettle rendered loaf  — 88 cents

Granulated sugar, 100-pound bags — $5.75, 16 pounds for $1

Sweet potatoes — 10 pounds for 25 cents

Cape Cod Cranberries, Saturday Only — While they last 5 cents per pound.

Evaporated Milk —  2 cans for 25 cents

Condensed Milk — 3 cans for 25 cents

Old Edam Coffee — 30 cents

Also found in an ad in the same edition: Don't expect any better share of pie just because you "make love to the cook;" everybody gets a square deal on the Thanksgiving table. Same way here.

Lynne Watts is the office manager at The Camden Herald.

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