By Bruce J. Howes

It's true - for most imported autos 200,000 miles is a walk in the park. 300,000 is also readily obtainable.

How do we know? Well, we're glad you've asked. Right now Atlantic Motorcar has a number of customer cars with well over 200,000 miles, and several approaching 300,000! And these cars are not just limping along - most look and drive like the day they came out of the showroom. It's no secret, proper care is the key to longevity, be it car or man.

At Atlantic Motorcar, we know that proper, professional care, is always the best value. So make your car a lifelong friend, and give us a call. Saving the world, one car at a time.

882-9969, 866-EURO-SPEC or on the web at AtlanticMotorcar.com.

Earning Your Trust, Every Time You Turn The Key.

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