October 10 - 31 2020 Astrological insights by Professional Astrologer Ananur (Carol) Forma since 1976

Oct 10, 2020

October 10 – 12 Mercury is nicely aspecting Venus encouraging you to do some poetic writing or if you’re a musician sitting with the wondrous energy and allowing it to flow and guide you where it wants to be.


October 11 – 13 The Sun in Libra is opposite Mars in Aries (retrograde) is a bit fretful for me as this is disruptive and “not nice.” As a Libra Sun sign person, I am not comfy with conflict and criticism directed towards me. Good reminder to meditate more. The other issue as a Libra I am dealing with to avoid putting myself with my thoughts into a space of distress is to realize I ought not identify with my opinions. Do you do this? My focus in this lifetime is to realize the truth, that I am indeed Spirit using a human personally styled body to be here to learn to love MORE and to stop judging myself and others. I’m proud to say I’ve made progress.


October 12 – 15 The Sun is in an empowering aspect with Pluto however its empowerment comes through uncomfortable situations... as this is not a positive aspect they’re making.


October 13 – November 3 Mercury turns retrograde at 9:05 p.m. until 12:50 p.m. November 3 Voting Day. This makes it plain as can be that we will not know anything about our next president on this day. This has already been made clear to all of us.


October 15 – 18 You’ll need plenty of patience if you want to avoid falling into the pit with everyone else. The Sun is in an unpleasant aspect with Saturn which always signifies obstacles, blockages, frustration and feeling lousy. Of course, with Astrological wisdom we are prepared and will not fall into a pit of despair. We can use this energy for persistent focus on meditation and prayers for the “Highest Good of All to be made manifest.” Something unique about Saturn’s aspects is that it is always precise. This is unlike Uranus which is not possible to pin down and say how long it lasts and when it began in relation (aspect) to someone’s chart. That is the nature of Uranus. So it’s perfect as it is. Unpredictable! I might write when doing a reading for someone that "transiting Uranus will be conjunct your Moon in Taurus from May 2019 until March 2020." See what I mean? Saturn transiting your Moon (example) would be more like this: "transiting Saturn will be conjunct your natal Moon in Capricorn from April 4, 2019 until May 25 2019 and again from December 19, 2019 – 31, 2019." These are very precise dates for the person to be aware of then I type up a description for them of what it all means in relation to them personally.



October 16 The New Moon takes place at 3:31 p.m. with the Sun and Moon conjunct at 24 degrees of Libra in a challenging aspect (90 degree “square aspect) with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Upsetting information tears at the fabric of the structure of our governing body. We’re seeking to hold on to the Constitution, if we can. This cosmic energy demands action. Letter writing, making calls, and sending emails to our congress people nonstop. This is the right time for civilized action to take place without a chance of hired thugs to interfere with the legal process of protesting in the streets. This applies to situations in relationships with those who you care about and bringing about a great depth of honesty in order to move forward, if that is what you wish. You may want to cut off a relationship now that is too demanding of your time and energy. Remember as they say in 12 step wisdom programs that each one of us has our own “Higher Power.” This is not the time to nurture a co-dependent relationship, it will not help to strengthen either one of you.


October 16 – 18 Venus in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces setting off idealistic fantasy which is not realistic right now.  This energy is great for feeling inspired to do art, music and writing. Mars is in an awkward aspect with Jupiter finding you running around doing way too much. That is unless you’ve read this and are striving to focus and not over extend.


October 17 – 19 Mercury is opposite Uranus. Since Mercury is retrograde it is now mimicking the same aspect it made between October 5 – 7, and will repeat this again from November 15 – 17. Mercury when opposite Uranus means you could get set off by remarks made that touch not your funny bone. You can easily get agitated feeling the perspective you hold sacred it not respected. Intuition comes and brings insights. However, the insights may be so far ahead of the times that others will not comprehend what you’re suggesting is possible.



October 17 – 19 Venus in Virgo is in a favorable aspect with Jupiter in Capricorn thus making this a romantic phase. This is when your natural need to spontaneously express and receive affection is acknowledged. At the same time Venus is uncomfortably aspecting Mars in Aries (still retrograde). The potential for receiving affection might not work out the way you thought. Your expectations can mess with your mind and bring about upsetting thoughts. You’ll observe that it’s your expectation that is responsible for your mood.



October 19 – 21 Your significant relationship is empowered by the depth of love that you are capable of experiencing. Venus in Virgo is in a very positive aspect with Pluto in Capricorn offering complete acceptance and a complete dropping of the idea of: “how it should be.”


October 22 – November 21 The Sun is now in Scorpio starting at 7 p.m. You become more than ever, like Sherlock Holmes in your outlook to what’s going on in the world. Emotions are more intense with the Sun in Scorpio. Secrets are kept and some come out that are not pleasant. From the ashes of the old comes the birthing of a new way of life. This is the deepest desire of the energy of Scorpio.


October 22 – 24 Venus is in a positive aspect with Saturn in Capricorn. Relationships which have lasted more than a few years are celebrated as offering an inner state of security and stability in your life. I often write that there ought to be greeting cards which boast of appreciation those people whom you love. These are friends or family members who have stood by you for so many years. Here’s a song to celebrate this energy with Bill Withers’ great song “Lean On Me.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkaexjc-1os


October 23 – 25 The Sun is conjunct Mercury in Scorpio inspiring you to learn, study research and then allow yourself to feel guided to write. Words will come with ease to contemplate and guide you.



October 27 – November 10 Mercury retrograde back into Libra. Your mind is focused again on justice. This placement took place when Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed. Consciousness was raised, inspiring so many to honor her life and what she represented to us.


October 27 – November 21 Venus leaves Virgo and advance into Libra. Love, Harmony and Beauty is the foundation of Venus’ position in Libra. How will you express this deep natural desire in your life? Liking to organize and see the best in others. Venus in Libra is usually known for socializing and being the host/hostess.


October 28 – 31 The Sun in Scorpio is opposite Uranus stirring up discontent and radical positioning. It’s ye old “don’t tell me what to do,” aspect. Events evolve quickly and can be distressing.



October 29 – November 1 Mercury retrograde in Libra is in a challenging aspect with Saturn in Capricorn. Worrisome thoughts seek to control you mind. Look for something to do which requires your focused concentration then you’ll be fine, no matter what. If someone is born with this aspect, they have a tendency to fall into worry until they overcome this pattern within them.



October 31 The Full Moon takes place at 10:49 a.m. The Moon is at 8 degrees of Taurus (conjunct Uranus!)  directly opposite the Sun at 8 degrees of Scorpio. Well. You read what I wrote about for October 28 – 31 this is intensified energy which began then. Sudden situations can be responsible for stimulating anger, violence and regrettable actions. As a peacemaker we can all do our part to help others who are suddenly out of control with old past life patterns being ignited. How? That’s a good question. Because Uranus is involved you (and I) will know when it’s the right time to know what to do or not do. That’s how Uranus operates.

Be well stay well.

Mevlana Jelalladin Rumi reminds us:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Then the Divine can use you properly.








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