July 15 - 31 Astrology's planetary wisdom shared by Ananur (Carol) Forma professional Astrologer since 1976

Jul 13, 2020
Photo by: Candle Cafe customer in NYC


July 14 pay attention to your intuition while the Moon is conjunct Uranus from 8:15 until 10:15 a.m. it will come in a blast of clarity and cleverness, like a bolt out of the blue. Sometimes you know something just because you know. there's no analyzing needed. Before I got into Astrology in my early 20's  I would say something and the person would say, "How do you know?" I'd reply," I don't know...I just know." So, figured I needed to be some sort of an expert on something for people to take me seriously. Astrology fit that need. Then (and now) I can say, "See it's mathematically accurate, because astrology is based on mathematics!" back in junior high no one would've thought I'd care about math. I always ended up taking math again in summer school. However, once I got it, I really got it. I was a slow learner due to being born when Mercury was retrograde.


July 15 the Sun in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Watch carefully and you will see manipulation taking place by authority figures trying to convince us (the public) that they are "right." This is also seen in our personal lives someone has got an agenda and is going to be pushing it on you, so be wary. I think its interesting to note that the Bubonic Plague also called the Black Plague began in China near WuHan (in Yunnan) in approx. 1353. I thought it began in Italy. duh. Everyone I've asked, "Where do you think the Black Plague began?"  said the same thing,"Europe? or one friend today, said Italy." My mind is blown to learn the Plague began near Wuhan. I do not presume to know "the meaning," just that it has blown my mind right now. Is this world karma???


July 18 – 20 The Sun is opposite Saturn, which has now retrograded back into Capricorn, having been in Aquarius since March 21 of this year. When the Sun is opposite Saturn there are important lessons to be learned. One is dealing with someone who tests your patience, and then you find similarities between you and that person which you’d rather not be finding. Of course, this is a gift to help you learn what you need to turn around and forgive within yourself (me, too). People with Saturn conjunct their Sun in Capricorn are those born January 16 – 21 of any year. These folks will be under the heavy hand of Saturn’s teachings until January 2021. Doing well with Saturn is creating a healthy routine for loving your body and refreshing your positive affirmations about yourself, and being honest about habits and old outdated beliefs that need to be identified and released. That would please Saturn. Other than that, Saturn will do whatever it takes to get your attention in order for you to take best care of yourself. Saturn is strict.

p.s. On a personal note... My Sun sign is Libra, and I have plenty of planets in Capricorn  where  Saturn is now hanging out.  So I'm now on a  "7 day cleanse" - dealing with reality..... as Saturn has encouraged me to deal with my aging body's  digestion issues. So far so good.


July 20 is a New Moon, another new beginning to start new projects and routines. It takes place at 1:33 p.m. with the Sun and Moon at 28 degrees of Cancer directly opposite where Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are retrograde in Capricorn. (Hits my natal astrology chart directly!!!)  The next 29 days will be challenging. Many will suffer economically and for sure we’ve got a crisis on our hands. What to do? With programs up there in space requiring huge amounts of money, what about down here on earth where people are in need, great need? We will be demanding our governing reps do the humane thing, immediately. p.s. on this day I sent out emails to congress people (Pingree, Golden, Collins, &more) asking to consider doing something about implementing credit card debt forgiveness to help stimulate the economy sand help people to be relieved of that kind of pressure. I also suggested using NASA budgeted money for the next two yrs., to help the people down here on earth and forget about out there in space,  for awhile, seems practical, to me. One last suggestion I love, to implement Nikola Tesla free energy antennas on every single home and building in the USA so we can shift and have FREE energy! Wouldn't that be something! Apparently Trump's brilliant scientist uncle has the Tesla papers, which were taken from Tesla's apartment in NYC after Tesla died. Well, that's what I read........hey, if it's true, do something, the people down here on earth need help! We pay taxes, maybe we ought not?



July 20 – 22 Mercury is in a positive aspect with Uranus upgrading your intuitive intelligence and making it fun with lots of synchronicities. I love it when the radio plays a song that is using the words my mind just thought of that very second. Have you had that happen too?



July 22 – August 22 The Sun will enter Leo at 4:37 a.m. My dear friend who was a “double Leo (Sun and Rising!)” left her body this last December. No one was more Leo than she. She was always buying gifts to store for someone’s birthday or Christmas. Which is how she ended up with at least 30 quilts, blankets, sheet sets and tons of chic clothing and jewelry to share. She loved yard sales and getting things cheap that were to give or keep for herself. I miss her, and expect her strong presence to present to me in spirit form when the timing is right. Her courage and dedication to high principles has already had supportive influence on me in dealing with a proposed cell tower close by my home. Because of her influence on me, it might not happen. We are dealing with a lawsuit against the city of Rockland for rejecting the cell tower. The cell company (AT&T) just doesn’t give up, even though the people do not want it. Democracy? Leo energy is here to help us all deal with indecencies that lack integrity.  Fighting for what is right is aided by the super courageous energy ignited by the lion symbol of Leo’s courage and unstoppable presence. The Black Lives Matter movement affects us all. We are willing to stand for truth and equality now, like never before. Thank goodness for Leo’s integrity and strength.With Mercury in Leo we tend to be more outspoken. I just wrote to many many congress people with some good ideas for them. Hope to get a response, at least!

I wrote this last sentence  today Monday July 27.



July 25 – 27  Venus is in an awkward aspect with Jupiter and in a challenging aspect with Neptune. This would be the wrong time to meet someone you’ve been writing to on an online dating site. There is deception. The person is not who they claim to be. Idealism is high yet discouraging events take place. This is a fine time to watch a romantic movie, and shift into fantasy-land. Also try not to overdo it with pastries, sweets and alcoholic drinks.


July 25 – 27  Mercury direct is in the same aspect it was in from July 5 – 8 with Mars. Your mind is quicker than usual. A conflict could flare up suddenly and ignite nastiness. It’s not a problem if you are willing to apologize. Some people never do. I like to brag and say, "I'm always right, because when I'm wrong I can admit it." That's true. This aspect also brings about defensive attitudes, which make it impossible to come to resolution and harmony. I did not enjoy being an assistant manager at a bistro years ago. I say that because of the defensive reactions from the younger people. I thought I was being incredibly kind, respectful, and diplomatic. Yet still reactionary anger would get set off. No fun at all for this Libra person.



July 28 – 30 Mercury is in a fine aspect with Neptune suggesting a high time spiritually. You may have visions and clairvoyant experiences. This is especially true for Pisces individuals who were born between March 9 – 13 of any year. Mercury is also opposite Jupiter nudging you to enjoy your sense of humor, which is at a peak point now. Those who love writing essays, short stories, lyrics, and poetry will be happy with this cosmic energy!



July 29 – August 1 Mercury is opposite Pluto. The private detective aspect is now here. Watching others for clues will increase awareness of how people operate to get their agenda across. You’re paying close attention, like a person with their Sun (or Moon) in Scorpio would do. Now you know how it is for people who are super psychic living like this all the time. A friend of mine in Massachusetts said she had to stop watching late night TV because she was “picking up” too much personal information about the movie stars being interviewed. It made her very uncomfortable. I know, there’s no way to prove it.


July 30 – August 2 The Sun is in a challenging aspect with Uranus. This is known to ignite upsetting circumstances. I’m referring to circumstances that provoke anger and also despair. It’s again time to take action for reforms to occur. This aspect brings about a lack of patience and disrespect for government rules that are not 100 % fair. This aspect usually produces radical behavior against what is considered unfair rules. I know because I was born with this aspect!



Here is teacher,  “Mooji”  living in southern Portugal at  “his”  retreat center/community. You probably know of Mooji.  He is on YouTube. Here’s a wonderful meditation to share with you. His teacher is (was) Ramana Maharshi, you probably know this already. It's not long, you might enjoy it?


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