Camden Herald Letters to the Editor March 12

Mar 12, 2020

And what would you recommend?

Another View this week [Ed. note: March 5] once again both frustrated and disappointed with tone and intent.  The article assembles a list of emotionally charged points (Health care, student debt, etc.) in an apparent “aha” moment of how terrible are the ideas and proposals of the Democratic candidates.  The issues stated in the article represent challenges for our nation but rather than the author proposing his solutions it is easier denigrate the plans of others.  Unfortunately, as I have seen in many of these columns, the author chooses to support his premise with unqualified, out-of-context or misrepresented information.

In one example, the author discusses “Free Health care.”  It is disingenuous to denigrate an alternative plan using the word “free” - is the highway system we drive free, is safety in the sky free, water, power, etc?  The author attempts to shock us by projecting the costs of universal care as $32+Trillion over 10 years.   In 2018 the US spent $3.6 trillion on healthcare so we are already at that spend rate.  We spend over $11,000 per person annually - far higher than other nations and generally twice as much as other rich industrialized countries. U.S. health care is not only costly, it is inefficient. The National Academy of Medicine estimates that our nation wastes approximately $750 billion annually on “unnecessary or inefficient services, excessive administrative costs, high prices, healthcare fraud and missed opportunities for prevention.” Our nation’s Medicare and Tri-care systems deliver service, depending on the study, at 60 to 70% cost of private.  Despite the massive amount being spent, approximately 25 million people have no health insurance and another 40 million were underinsured in 2018 — up 23% from  2014.  “Underinsured” individuals struggle with high health-plan deductibles and out-of-pocket medical expenses relative to their income, unable to pay medical bills or skip care because of cost.

Our system is far from perfect or even very good — yet in returning to the premise of this letter, I ask the author for his plan……

Rich Tranfield



Thanks from the Camden Opera House


Friends, at the Camden Opera House we are working hard to bring the very best arts and entertainment to the Midcoast, to serve all the various folks who make up our audience. We’re grateful to be able to operate this beautiful restored Victorian opera house, blocks from the ocean, and we couldn’t do it without a lot of help. I want to take a moment to thank all of the people that make it possible to do what we do: the town manager and select board, the talented and hard-working employees of the town of Camden, our small but mighty staff (Juniper Purinton, Dagney Ernest, and Andrew Heath), the wonderful Opera House Committee, house managers and volunteers, all of our generous and dedicated business and community partners and our local press. Mostly, I want to thank you, the folks who come to shows and events — you are why we do this. We have an exciting year planned, and we look forward to seeing you.

Dave Morrison

Camden Opera House Manager


Message of Thanks

Anyone who has had dementia creep into their lives will understand how our family was impacted by the vascular form of this disease. For many months we had no idea what type of behavior to expect or to plan for from one day to the next.

Many phone calls were made from our home to The Camden Police Department and Knox County Dispatch, which were often unexplainable and always unpredictable. Every call for help was met with calmness, compassion, empathy and responses were nearly immediate.

Jimmy spent many years of our lives as a volunteer emergency responder for Camden, and thankfully was able to understand that when police officers showed up at the door, their purpose was to help. Randy Gagne and the officers always found solutions which turned chaos into calmness.

We've been deeply touched by the endless acts of kindness from our neighbors, friends and co-workers, as well as the loyalty and friendship of members from Saint Paul's Masonic Lodge and the Camden and Hope Fire Departments.

Linda Kierstead and family


[Ed.note: The obituary for James Kierstead was published in the March 5 edition of the Camden Herald.]


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