Camden Herald Letters to the Editor Dec. 26

Dec 26, 2019

Wants to repeal vaccination mandate

As a mom of 3, I was willing to sacrifice my short and busy Maine summer to collect 1,856 signatures for the People’s Veto of LD 798 because it was easier than packing up to move out of state. We came to the Midcoast four years ago and immediately felt at home here. But if legislators are allowed to make medical decisions for our family, we no longer feel safe. Governmental mandates will not change the minds of the families that have any view outside of the “one size fits all” health care mentality when we want to delay a very aggressive vaccine schedule.

They will only succeed in driving us out of the state. LD 798 has already caused families and small businesses to move from a state that we know has trouble maintaining a vibrant population and can barely handle the tax burden. My family and hundreds of others will sell our homes and take our tax dollars and small business-supporting incomes to another state that values medical freedom and bodily autonomy. And there will be countless others who will not choose Maine for this reason. Please join me on March 3 to vote Yes on 1 to keep Maine open for growing families.

Bethany Allgrove




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Comments (1)
Posted by: Kendall Merriam | Dec 26, 2019 11:49

Better to sacrifice a Maine summer than the health of one's children...and promoting junk science...

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