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By Ryan Martin | Aug 04, 2019
Photo by: Ryan Martin The kids in the Children's Parade smile for a group picture.

Rockland — The 2019 Lobster Festival concluded Sunday with a family-fun admission price that let visitors in free.

The day began with three different races for all ages, a 10K, 5K and a children’s race that saw participants sporting their racing numbers along Main street.

Following the races was a children’s parade, in which kids won prizes for costumes in celebration of the festival. There were two age groups, with each child getting a number to represent them and their costume in the parade.

Winners in the age 7 to 12 category were: third place, No. 3, Nora, with her costume of Slappy; No. 9,  Zoe, took second with her Lobster T-shirt; and No. 1, Lucian, took first with his celebrating-our-community costume. In the age 0 to 6 group, the winners were: No. 3, Kensley, in third place, as the pretty pirate; No. 2, Sean, cam in second with his serving-our-community costume; and No. 8, Bailee, got first place with her robot lobster costume.

The warm, sunny day was ideal for walking around Rockland, as well as watching the many contests held on the main stage.

First up was the annual Cod Fish Carry, in which kids ages 4 to 10 had to don a bright orange raincoat and secure two buttons, put on fishing boots and a hat, and lug an enormous codfish from a net manned by Blackbeard the Pirate to the opposite side of the stage and sit in a small fishing boat.

Kids were timed for their efforts and rewarded graciously, but it was the speedy who came out on top with prizes like stuffed lobsters, T-shirts, and of course, the honor of being the Cod Fish Carry champion.

Eight-year-old Parker Kennedy of Wallingford, Conn., earned third place with a time of 1 minute, 10 seconds; 8-year-old Ben O’Donoghue took second with a time of 1 minute, 4 seconds; and 10-year-old Gage Esancy of Rockland went home with the title of Cod Fish Carry champion after racing through with a time of 50 seconds.

The lobster-eating contest took place immediately afterward, with 12 contestants, ages 8 to 12, who stuffed their faces with lobster as fast as they could for a $1 entry fee. Nine-year old Leif Eisenbarth took third with a time of 7 minutes, 34 seconds, Nathan Baptista took second with a time of 4 minutes, 2 seconds, and 12-year old Max Ferran took home the gold with a time of 3 minutes, 38 seconds.

Finally, the little lobster diaper derby saw two toddlers aged 8 to 13 months race against the clock, with a parent at the beginning and a “coach” at the end. Eleven-month-old Raymond McDonald came in third, with a time of 54 seconds; 13-month-old Lucy Lipari took second, with a time of 34 seconds; and 12-month-old Henry Shuman won the derby with the time of just 10 seconds.

Eight-year-old Starla Spear of Rockport kicks off the Cod Fish Carry event. (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
Eight-year-old Parker Kennedy of Connecticut makes his third-place-winning run of the Cod Fish Carry. (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
Five-year-old Kenzi Hooper of South Thomaston finds joy during her Cod Fish Carry run. (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
Four-year-old Summer Knight of Owls Head and her father try their hands at the Cod Fish Carry. (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
10-year-old Gage Esancy of Rockland after receiving his prize for 1st place in the Cod Carry. (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
Sean displays his second-place-winning costume, "serving our community." (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
Professor Paddy-Whack leads the Children's Parade on his "Amusecycle." (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
Thirteen-month-old Lucy Lipari and 12-month-old Sawyer Hoffman kick off the Diaper Derby. (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
Eight-month-old Katie Mae Davis is all smiles at the Diaper Derby. (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
Eight-month-old Illauni Ford crawls through the home stretch of the Diaper Derby (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
Eleven-month-old Raymond McDonald and 8-month-old Bret Glasspool get ready for the final derby of the day. (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
Diaper Derby champion 12-month-old Henry Shuman with King Neptune, Sea Goddess Makaila Hickey, and Miss Congeniality Katherine Simoneau. (Photo by: Ryan Martin)
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