St. Laurent resigns as Rockland public services director

By Stephen Betts | Jul 08, 2019
Photo by: Stephen Betts David St. Laurent has resigned his post as public services director for the city of Rockland.

Rockland — Longtime Rockland department head David St. Laurent has resigned.

St. Laurent did not indicate what he planned to do next, but said Monday, July 8, he was proud of the work done during the past 12 years. He pointed out that 18 roads had been paved this year.

St. Laurent was hired as solid waste director for Rockland in March 2007.

A graduate of the University of Maine at Machias with a bachelor's degree in environmental studies, he worked from 1998 to 2003 as solid waste and recycling program manager for Bath Iron Works.

He later worked as an environmental consultant for St. Germain & Associates of Westbrook and then safety and environmental coordinator for Fisher Engineering in Rockland.

In addition to solid waste director, St. Laurent served for several months as assistant director of the Rockland wastewater treatment plant before being hired in August 2015 as director of the combined public services department (a merger of the public works and solid waste departments).

City Manager Tom Luttrell said St. Laurent had agreed to help out at the landfill during the transition.

He said St. Laurent had done a lot for the community.

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Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 10, 2019 22:10

I have a following Gerald that like my comments. Funny how and why so many do.

Posted by: Gerald A Weinand | Jul 10, 2019 21:31

Not quite sure what you mean by "one of my cover ups" Mr. Hayward, but you really need to check yourself. Perhaps take a couple weeks off from commenting.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 10, 2019 18:00

End of This thread: According to PBP the rumor mill ran out of steam. Oh well! They are the lucky ones.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 10, 2019 16:42

My keyboard keeps spelling words incorrectly. And wants to keep this going. No matter want anyone says here please remember the situations where there were big mistakes made that cost the taxpayers, us, more money than it should have. No one here except me has ever taken the time to look, I would be willing to bet. You have all made this a social observation without looking at the books for the years. You like paying taxes, all of you, I do not like to pay more than I believe is adequate.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 10, 2019 16:36

Gerald: Do you think that the "few times you have called him" is good litmus test of how well anyone has done their gob over years? Just another one of your cover ups I suppose.

Stephen: Elaborate on the noose at city hall you predict is happening. How many times did you actually talk to him in a meaningful conversation?

Nathan: Of the hot dog fame?

Francis: You like everyone no matter what they do, right or wrong. What a nice guy you are.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Jul 10, 2019 06:11

Good job Dave.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 09, 2019 21:00

Another POST, WHY NOT! I said, in my post, that I was glad to see him go. Maybe the VS will delete this also.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 09, 2019 14:22

This has been an interesting day while several pw employees have come up to me, in my travels, shook my hand, and thanked me for my comments noting that the Village Soup has chosen to censor my right to public speech while claiming the rights of the news paper goes beyond the law. Or at least something like that. You see the paper likes to protect their friends from being found out.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 09, 2019 09:36

I wonder what if we had not given away our Mt. Demo quarry in a sweetheart deal with out of state trash haulers, where would we be? What if we had paid more attention to the amount and variety of trash going into that Mt. Demo including plastic that was such an issue with the tiny shopping bags? What if the returnable were NOT allowed to be assumed to be put in the pockets of some help instead of donated to a charity like responsible landfills do? The cost of closing Mt. Demo can not be determined and should not the cost of the landfill go down if the help is not there? The shell game worked very well. So, who cares? The same old posters say the same old things but only know a portion of the truth, as usual. Bye, Bye.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 09, 2019 08:48

Deleting my comments is an exercise that clouds freedom of speech at the VS. Ask the people who worked for him if you want the truth. Some will, some are afraid.

Posted by: Nathan Kroms Davis | Jul 09, 2019 08:34

Dave was always ready to talk through projects related to energy efficiency, recycling, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and other matters (like public pianos!), and if we hit on a good idea that didn't cost much money, he was generally willing to implement it. He did a great job, and I wish that he were sticking around!

Posted by: Gerald A Weinand | Jul 09, 2019 08:20

Why was Hayward's undeserved scathing attack of St. Laurent deleted? I appreciate the improvements he implemented at the Transfer Station despite opposition from some folks. Public Works has been responsive regarding the few times I have called them.

Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Jul 09, 2019 07:33

evidently the political noose is tightening around city hall. Something is going on when we start to loose good people like John Root and now Dave St. Laurent.  I met Dave when he was director of the landfill.  He received a lot of flak for trying to straighten out that department and then moving to public works another hot plate.  Dave I Thank you for all the good things you have achieved and hope you find something much less stressful.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jul 09, 2019 05:18

This has not been an easy year for Mr. St. Laurent. Don't know if anyone could have done any better, but he was the one on the firing line. Hopefully, his next pursuit will give him a bit of a break.  Tough shoes to fill. Hoping their is someone who can step up to the plate with knowledge of our situation.

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