Courier-Gazette Letters to the Editor, May 2

May 02, 2019

Services offered

Hello, I am fairly sure this has been pointed out, but both of the opposing viewpoints on walls in this week's paper [April 25] contain historical inaccuracies. Daniel Boone was never at the Alamo, as is claimed, and the battle was not three centuries ago, but less than two centuries back. Mr Boone died in 1820 at the age of 85, and the battle wasn't fought until 1836. I offer my services as a fact checker at any time. Thanks.

Peter Mergendahl


Response to Point/Counterpoint on wall

The "priorities" have been set some time ago. That is to stop people from other countries crossing our borders illegally. Walls work to keep people out (The Great Wall of China), or to keep people in (the Berlin Wall). Your argument that the current state of the wall is not working .. is because it is not finished. Offhand, I'd say we have at least another 1,500 miles to go.

Your argument that the cartels are using just the legal entry points to smuggle drugs, kids and people is ludicrous at best. Yes, they try something "new" once in a while to see of it works. However 95 percent of what gets through is far away from any legal entry point! You have to realize, there's still a lot of open land out there. Decomposing bodies, prayer rugs and sometimes half-dead people, barely alive, are found weekly out there in the desert, where the cartels run their business. The Border Patrol has even released videos of long lines of men with big backpacks, some of them armed, carrying God knows what into our country. More recently there's a video of a tour bus dropping people off at a really weak link of border fence, which they just hopped over into our country.

We have a system for legal immigration that works fine if the rule are followed. Unfortunately, we have nutjobs bankrolling and lying to these people sneaking in that everything is going to be fine, that they will be taken care of, papers or no, once they are in. And it's bankrupting this country needlessly.

Once the southern wall is built, we may well have to start on the northern border, because, believe it or not, yup, right here in Maine, around the Houlton area. Call me a racist if you want, just call our Border Patrol up north, they will give you the straight skinny.

Roger V Tranfaglia



City should drop court case against 'citizen'

Will Rogers was wont to say that he only knew what he read in the newspapers -- me, too. Mr. Betts' article in the April 25 issue of the Courier-Gazette reported that "Rockland wants to recover costs it incurred responding to a legal challenge to a sweeping zoning overhaul...". It appears that this is aimed at a "mere " citizen and taxpayer who, after seeking legal advice on his own and realizing a significant number of fellow citizens also supported questioning whether proper due process prescribed in Rockland's charter and rules of order were followed, filed a challenge in court.

The subsequent denouement and City Council withdrawal of Article 48 has led some to believe that the plaintiff was correct in the filing. This subsequent action on the part of the city's attorney (undoubtedly at the direction of one or more city councillors), impresses me with concern for possible intimidation turning a simple blunder into a "blood vendetta." Is this what justice is about?

Though no monetary value has been mentioned, one can only wonder what cost to the city coffers might have been if certain councilors, realizing their deplorable apparent unfamiliarity with proper procedure, had (before voting in Amendment 48 and later rescinding it) turned to their learned professional to guide them wisely in properly proceeding.

Christopher F. Manning


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