The dogs of P.A.W.S.

Jun 04, 2018

P.A.W.S. has dogs — and lots of them! With the arrival this past week of several “rescue" dogs from Georgia, we now have many new, and a few familiar, furry friends eagerly waiting to meet you. Pictured here is our current crop of canines. Aren’t they cute?

We’re sometimes asked whether rescue dogs can ever recover enough from all they’ve been through to become good pets. It’s a valid question. Many of these dogs come to us after weeks in overcrowded “kill” shelters, where they’ve been kept in cages or on runs; forced to live with a motley crew of other, unfamiliar dogs and exposed to constant barking and other disruptions. Earlier in their lives, some may even have been abused.

A recent article in Readers Digest ( says the most important thing you can give your newly adopted rescue dog is time. Remember that he’s scared. In addition to whatever he endured pre-rescue, he’s been collected by someone he’s never seen before, put in a car (perhaps for the first time), driven for several days, and then deposited at P.A.W.S. — where he’s had to adjust to a whole new environment. He needs time — perhaps weeks’ or even months’ worth — to adjust.

Remember, too, that the two of you need time to get to  know one another. Never leave children alone with any new dog until you’ve had time to ascertain his temperament. By the same token, he has no clue who you are. He doesn’t know you’ve rescued him and experiences to date may have taught him that people can be rough or cruel. Be patient, gentle, and consistent. Provide an environment that’s calm and predictable. He’ll soon learn he’s in safe place, with people he can trust.

The bottom line? Rescue dogs can be great dogs. It’s just takes a little patience, understanding and TLC.  So, if you are thinking about adding a canine member to your family, there’s never been a better time to find one at P.A.W.S. Visit us at 123 John Street in Camden, and meet our pack. Who knows? Your future best friend may be waiting here, just for you. See them online at



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