Conservation grants help local students

Apr 09, 2018

Lincolnville, Hope — Through grants from the Natural Resources Council of Maine, students at Lincolnville Central School and Hope Elementary School are getting help with hands-on conservation learning.

Lincolnville Central School students are beginning to survey and map their local watershed in hopes of learning more about the ecology of the area and the importance of healthy waters to an ecosystem.

With guidance from their teacher, Nancy Stevick, students will survey the lands around the school to create a field guide of local species. They will also monitor water quality in Norton Pond. When they have completed the work, the students will share their ideas for preventing pollution with younger school students and the Lincolnville community.

At the same time, Hope Elementary School students are beginning to monitor invasive species in Alford Lake in hopes of learning more about these species and how to protect local ecosystems.

Working with their teacher, Colin Amundsen, seventh graders will survey aquatic species in Alford lake and work with Maine state biologists to analyze the impact the lake’s ecosystems. The students will focus on early detection and management of invasive species and ways to prevent their spread and mitigate harm. Hope Elementary School students will also share their findings with the rest of the school and with the Hope community.

The students are among those at eight schools throughout the state to receive an NRCM Middle School Grant. To follow the projects’ progress, visit the NRCM blog at





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