Developer seeks zone change for Rockland housing project

By Stephen Betts | Oct 03, 2017
Photo by: Stephen Betts Buddy Carleton is asking the Rockland City Council to amend zoning regulations so he can create a housing development on this stretch of Maverick Street.

Rockland — A local developer is asking the city council to amend its zoning regulations to allow him to develop a "workforce" housing project along Maverick Street.

Stanley "Buddy" Carleton Jr. met Monday night, Oct. 2 with the city council, asking that regulation on the minimum square footage of land needed per dwelling be reduced by half in the neighborhood.

"We all know there is a housing shortage, some would call a housing crisis," Carleton told councilors. "There is a definite need for additional housing in Rockland."

Carleton and his wife Lisa manage 140 apartments and several houses.

They own nearly three acres located along Maverick Street between North Main Street, which they acquired since 2015.

Buddy Carleton said the type of housing would be dictated by a market study. He said currently he could only build 24 units on the three acres but a change in the transitional business one zone would allow that to double to 48 units and would be more attractive to investors.

Councilor Valli Geiger said she would sponsor an ordinance to amend the zone to allow the minimum lot size per unit to be reduced from 5,000 square feet to 2,500 square feet.

The council is expected to consider preliminary approval of such an ordinance change at its Wednesday, Oct. 11 meeting.

"I agree there is an acute shortage of housing," Geiger said.

Geiger had proposed an overhaul of the city's residential zoning laws last year to allow for greater residential density in the inner part of the city. The neighborhood between Maverick and North Main streets was not in that original proposal.

That proposed ordinance would have reduced minimum lot sizes for homes, reduced the mandatory minimum size of houses, reduced the setbacks from neighboring properties, as well as requiring less road frontage to build.

The council voted in February to postpone the measure and Geiger said at that time she would re-introduce it after the June special council election. The proposal has yet to be submitted again to the council.

Geiger is seeking re-election for the council in the Nov. 7 election.

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Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Oct 04, 2017 18:36

I agree with what has been posted. We do need more housing but it doesn't need to be subsidised housing. Elections are coming up. Maybe it's time for a change.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Oct 04, 2017 17:35

Selective changes, selective enforcement, selective treatment, selective favors, all comes around.

Posted by: Bonnie Gamage | Oct 04, 2017 15:45

The last post was not Bonnie Gamage this is me Gary Gamage

Posted by: Bonnie Gamage | Oct 04, 2017 15:44

Mr Carleton is only doing this for his only good, he is not doing this for the taxpayers of Rockland, we do need single home taxpayers, not state subside housing. Rethink this this city council.

Posted by: Kendall Merriam | Oct 04, 2017 10:55

Why is city council automatically endorsing a developer without factual data on the impact? Yes, Rockland needs more housing - affordable housing, which this developer may, or may not provide. Has Geiger become a realtor/property devloper?

Posted by: Nina Reed | Oct 04, 2017 09:52

it seems like these row houses would be in some peoples back yards, not to mention the traffic this would create. patricica wi


Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Oct 04, 2017 08:29

Housing is great. Federally subsidised low income row housing that buddy likes the flavour of is something I would be against.

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