Anti-bullying demonstration at Hope Elementary School

By Louis Bettcher | Oct 11, 2016
Photo by: Louis Bettcher Elementary students from Hope and Appleton raise their hands to participate during the anti-bullying performance.

Hope — On Oct. 4, students from Hope and Appleton participated in an anti-bullying presentation at Hope Elementary School.

The event featured two performances by Deana's Educational Theater in which actors simulated instances of bullying that commonly occurs on the playground. Kindergarten to fifth-grade students attended the performances in the school's auditorium, and were asked by the performers for feedback.

The actors recreated scenes which provided examples of peer pressure and bullying, and explored the feelings associated with being excluded from a group, called names, or being labeled a "tattle-tale." After each skit, the performers asked the pupils in the audience to raise their hands and identify instances of bullying, and to propose solutions to resolve conflicts or hurt feelings by practicing kindness.

When faced with scenes in which bullying or peer pressure occurred, students raised their hands to volunteer examples of adults (teachers, parents and family members) who they would feel comfortable going to for help. Hope Elementary counselor Patricia Cochran said that this was the first bully prevention presentation at HES in recent years, and the performance was made possible through New Hope for Women. October is recognized by schools as National Bullying Prevention month.




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