By Stell Shevis | May 05, 2016

Angels come in any guise...

Angels tall, Angels small... Angels any size at all.

Angels dark, Angels fair... Angels show up anywhere.

Just have faith and they'll be there!


Like the woman who knocked on my door one afternoon to ask if I knew my car lights were on — I didn't! A complete stranger, she just happened to be walking by.

My 15-year-old Toyota, which I love, has only one fault; no automatic light turner-off when the engine stops. But every time I come out of a store or other place to find the battery dead because I'd forgotten again...there were good angels right nearby to help.

Like the time at the ear doctors where we'd been for an hour while Shevis was having a new aid fitted. When I asked to use the phone to call AAA, the office girl said, "no, no... wait a minute." She consulted the doctor, who was with another patient, then came back to the office and told me that the patient had a booster cable and would hook it up in five minutes. Then she came outside to move her own car so that the man could get his closer to ours. The doctor came out in his short sleeves to supervise, and everyone was so cheerful and happy to help!

Like the time when I planned to drive up to Ellsworth to visit an old friend and had invited Nancy Fitzgerald to go with me. We stopped at the Camden library to return some books, took a few minutes to pick out some new ones — it couldn't have been more than a half an hour! But the battery was dead. I hated to call AAA again.

I looked around and in one of the parked cars a young couple was sitting, probably waiting for some old lady taking her time to check out some books, so I walked over to ask if the young man had a booster cable. Indeed he did and would be happy to use it. He had to maneuver his vehicle back out of a tight space and get it close to mine to plug in the machine, and in seconds had my engine running nicely. He advised me to go to a garage and have the battery changed immediatley, but when I told him we were on our way to Ellsworth, he grinned and said, "OK but don't stop along the way!" and went off whistling. What an Angel!

I have many more Angel stories, most of them involving cars.

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