14 Reasons Why Kids Should Wear Sunglasses

By Mid-Coast Optical | Jun 24, 2014



Protecting kids eyes is protecting our future. Along with safety eyewear, eye healthy foods, annual eye exams, good sunglasses are crucial for not just adults. In fact sunglasses are so important, we recommend that kids wear them all year round, not just in the summer. But summer is the perfect time to help kids develop good sunglass habits to last them a lifetime. Our top reasons, why good sunglasses are important to overall kids eye health.

  1. The lens of the child’s eye transmits about 70% more UV than the adult eye, putting their retina at a larger risk.
  2. The cells of the lens of the eye are never replaced; the proteins of the lens are never replenished. The lens cannot repair itself; damage accumulates over a lifetime. (Source) Therefore, the earlier kids wear sunglasses, the less damage later on in life.
  3. Kids under 10 are at a higher risk for both skin and eye damage, because their skin and eyes are more fragile. Eyes can get sunburned and can cause vision loss of up to 48 hours.
  4. With Children are outdoors more than adults, it is likely that over 1/2 of their life exposure to the sun will occur within the first 20 years of their life.
  5. Very bright sunlight is reflected off sand, snow, water or the pavement – can cause immediate damage to the cornea,
  6. Kids are shorter, thus looking up more, which means they are constantly looking up into the sun.
  7. It is up to adults to train their kids on the damages sun can do. Like wearing seatbelts, not touching hot stoves… Children can be taught about sunglasses, but only if they have sunglasses.
  8. When childrens eyes gets sunburned, unless it is severe, they will not feel the pain as they do with the skin. The warning signs are not so obvious.
  9. The long-term effects of sunburned eyes are cumulative and not completely reversible. Excessive UV exposure can cause eye problems such as cataracts, pterygium and macular degeneration and even cancer.  Melanomas received at an older age likely began with a child’s UV and blue light exposure.
  10. Hats only protect from above, not below and the sides. Look at the reflected UV from water, sand or concrete can damage eyes.
  11. Due to ozone depletion which can be as much as 12%/ year, children are at greater risk of UV. Protecting children’s eyes should be more important today.
  12. The variety of sunglasses for kids make them easy and comfortable to wear. Quality sunglasses and offer 100% UV and blue light protection.
  13. Kids sunglasses can help in school performance and sports. Enhancing visual clarity by use of good and protective sunglasses will help not just activities and increase self esteem by bettering performance.
  14. Sunglasses are cool.. and fun

Sadly in a survey, The Vision Council polled adults and found out that 1 in 6 stated that eye health was the reason for wearing sunglasses, 2/3 said wearing sunglasses was to prevent glare.

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