Coleus hearts

For a pop of color throughout the summer without bloom, coleus is a good choice for a container planting that will not aggravate seasonal allergies. This tender annual will produce a flower spike that can easily be removed by pinching it off, and doing so will actually help the plant become more robust.

Spring may be the most wonderful time of the year — according to one TV commercial for an allergy remedy. But if allergies come with the season for you, it can make this time of the year a difficult one for you. And experts are reporting this year’s allergy season is one of the worst in years with many first-time allergy sufferers reporting symptoms. An earlier than usual and lengthened pollen season are part of the problem.

And while allergy-suffering gardeners both eagerly await and dread the seasonal blooms at the same time, there is hope. We asked Linda Vater, a self-taught garden designer and content creator on YouTube and beyond and expert for Southern Living Plant Collection, to elaborate on the issue of growing a garden that won’t give you hay fever.

Lynette L. Walther is an award-winning journalist and gardener. She gardens in Camden.

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