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  • Published
    March 29, 2011

    Making things work: Key players produce success for nonprofits

    In spite of noble purposes, capable, dedicated employees, unselfish volunteers and, generally, a rich body of professional knowledge, many nonprofits fall far short of their promise to contribute to society. My experience is that a substantial number are poorly managed, and most just muddle along as well as they can, struggling to survive but failing to achieve their potential. This column focuses on why it is …

  • Published
    August 4, 2010

    Maine is missing out on the nationwide expansion in manufacturing

    We now manufacture more in this country than ever in our history. U.S. manufacturing has been vibrant with productivity gains and our factories’ output has risen 12 percent in five years. U.S. manufacturing is on a roll! But manufacturing is not rolling in Maine. Maine is not aboard the nationwide manufacturing bandwagon. We are missing out on the benefits of adding jobs in this traditionally high wage sector …

  • Published
    March 24, 2010

    Jobs, jobs, jobs: the government’s misdirected attempts to create jobs

    Two hundred years of U.S. economic history demonstrate that the economy grows in giant steps stimulated by investments in new technologies. Between those upward leaps it stagnates at a new level while settling down to a steady state of getting and spending. When new investment is attracted by the next new technology, the economy explodes upward in a whole new surge. The growth is marked by a larger gross domestic …

  • Published
    February 18, 2010

    See for yourself

    Our quality of life depends on how well the work of our society is managed. Walk in the airport and, once inside the doors, your time, your comforts, the waiting lines, your shoe inspections, and finally your flying are all determined by management and managers. You are a prisoner of whatever all those managers decided about the system and how managers operate the system. But it’s not just airports. It’s …

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