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Wendy Andresen lives in Camden with her husband, Ray; her Sheltie, Sunshine; and her bunny, Cosi.

  • Published
    July 29, 2021

    Quick seitan nuggets

    Now here are some tasty jeweled treasures you can whip up in no time at all.  Who doesn’t love nuggets in spicy sauce?  Spend your summer day at the beach, stop at the farmers’ market on your way home, and pick up a selection of pristine fresh vegetables for a quick stir-fry to serve alongside.  

  • Published
    July 22, 2021

    Roasted radicchio with balsamic syrup

    In this recipe, radicchio roasted and dressed with balsamic syrup mellows and takes on an entirely new flavor, becoming sweeter and less bitter.  I used some very special bourbon maple balsamic I’d been hoarding, and it was superb.

  • Published
    July 15, 2021

    Morning Glory Muffins (makes 12)

    A healthy version that uses carrots and fruits for sweetness and only a little sugar.

  • Published
    July 14, 2021

    Morning glory muffins

    These fluffy muffins are perfect for a party of 12. This healthy version uses exclusively whole wheat flour and very little sugar because the carrots and fruits add sweetness.

  • Published
    July 8, 2021

    Slow cooker soy curls

    Slow cooker dinners are a welcome convenience in hot weather. This recipe lingers well on a keep-warm setting, so you can relax with cocktails until you’re ready to eat.

  • Published
    July 1, 2021

    Mexican lasagna

    A streamlined version that is easy to put together and is not lacking in flavor or family appeal. It’s filling and very comforting.

  • Published
    June 24, 2021

    Easy one-pot rice and beans

    Variations on rice and beans are popular in many cultures around the world. This recipe was so quick, easy, and delicious and dirtied only one pot.

  • Published
    June 10, 2021

    Tomato-fennel soup with cashew sour cream

    Tomato soup is one of the ultimate comfort foods, and this version is just different enough to elevate it to company-worthy status. If you’ve never pared a fennel bulb before, cut it in quarters (or in eighths if it’s a big bulb) from top to bottom and then slice out the core on an angle. Then dice it up. Thinly shaved fennel is also a delicious addition to citrus salads or almost any other dish with tomato. This …

  • Published
    June 3, 2021

    Baked Seitan cutlets with sherry mushroom gravy

    Crispy on the outside, pleasantly chewy on the inside, and packed with protein, these cutlets are so versatile you’ll find numerous ways to serve them. We love mushroom gravy because we like to pour it all over everything on our plates, but you could also top these cutlets with tomato sauce and nondairy mozzarella or a honey mustard sauce. This is actually an easy recipe, and you can throw together the gravy …

  • Published
    May 27, 2021

    King oyster scallops with lemon-caper-garlic sauce

    Oh happy day! Farmers’ markets are again gearing up for the season, and that’s where I found some big, fat, pristine king oyster mushrooms. Hard to believe, but prepared according to this recipe, they really do taste like sea scallops. We piled them on top of angel hair pasta and garlicky spinach and poured the generous amount of sauce over all. The combination made a perfect meal. Ingredients: 1/2 pound (or …

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