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  • Published
    April 22, 2021

    Closing disparities in health care critical to Maine’s well-being

    When COVID-19 hit Maine early last year, it didn’t hit everyone the same — by June, Black residents represented 27 percent of all cases while making up just 1.4 percent of the general population, the biggest racial disparity in the country. Latino and Indigenous residents were disproportionately hurt, too. But that was only a more dramatic and visible example of the disparities that exist in health care at all …

  • Published
    April 8, 2021

    Editorial: Government will not police itself

    Here we go again. Every few years we end up with a bill before the Legislature aimed at getting rid of requirements for government to post notices in newspapers of record. The latest comes from Sen. Catherine Breen, D – Cumberland. The bill is LD 876, “An Act to Promote Efficiency in County and Municipal Government,” which would allow county and municipal governments and officials to meet the requirement to …

  • Published
    March 25, 2021

    Talk to your kids about bullying

    Parents and teachers should have frank conversations with children and teens in the community about bullying. One important message is to put bullies on notice: you can face pretty tough consequences for bullying. A local teen was recently charged by police with harassment by electronic device for cyberbullying. Bullying can lead to charges of harassment, threatening and/or terrorizing. In addition, every school …

  • Published
    March 11, 2021

    Attorney General should investigate Hope election

    The Attorney General’s Office should launch a full investigation into the July 14, 2020, election in Hope. For seven months, the Select Board and Town Administrator have faced questions about this town meeting election and its results. Why were different numbers of ballots cast for various questions on the same town meeting warrant? Why did the former registrar of voters raise concerns about the way this election …

  • Published
    March 4, 2021

    There is no such thing as a non-binding vote

    Maybe there is, but citizens should be wary of these ballot questions. Two local towns have been talking about these lately, being Waldoboro and Rockport. In Rockport they are now considering a “non-binding” referendum question on the controversial short-term rental ordinance that the Select Board first proposed and then tabled when the local conversation got heated. It seems like the board is looking for …

  • Published
    January 21, 2021

    Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

    Monday, Jan. 18 was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. For more than half a century this dynamic civil rights leader, preacher and martyr has served as an inspiration to millions of Americans of all backgrounds, races and faiths. This year, perhaps more than any other, we have needed to remember his message and his courage. And yet, we also have to contend with the heartbreaking fact that our nation, so far, has failed …

  • Published
    December 17, 2020

    229 years ago, America became . . . America

    Today marks a hidden holiday, as uncelebrated as it is unappreciated. It was 229 years ago today that the United States ratified the Bill of Rights, ensuring unprecedented freedom for the people of an emerging nation. Bill of Rights Day has actually been a national holiday since Nov. 28, 1941 when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt designated Dec. 15 “Bill of Rights Day.” Roosevelt had big plans, envisioning …

  • Published
    November 19, 2020

    Regulation is not a dirty word

    Every town in Midcoast Maine should either have a short-term rental ordinance or be working on one. It is true that we have a long tradition of property owners supplementing their income by renting out a small cottage or outbuilding or summer property they are not using. However, the situation has changed. It has become known to many who have the means to buy up houses on the scenic coast that the best way to …

  • Published
    November 12, 2020

    Rockport leaders overstepping with school board

    It was painful to watch Rockport Select Board Chair Debra Hall grilling local school board members recently in a public meeting about why the board gave Superintendent Maria Libby a raise and bonus this year. Rockport leaders might try to argue something more innocent like they wanted to increase communication between the school board and town officials. However, the questions were very pointed, and they largely …

  • Published
    October 29, 2020

    Don't forget to vote

    Editor’s Note: Due to our tight deadlines for print, we will not run election voting results in the Nov. 5 edition of The Camden Herald. We will run results as they come in election night online at Be sure to keep checking back to the site that night for exciting updates in the local and state elections. Also, we will run a summary of results in the Nov. 12 print edition of The Camden …

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