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Reade Brower is owner of The Free Press, Portland Press Herald and Courier Publications. The opinions expressed in his columns are his own, and do not represent those of the newspapers, or their editorial boards. He can be reached at:

  • Published
    July 15, 2021

    The “Not Me” movement and critical race theory

    Reade Brower is owner of The Free Press, Portland Press Herald and Courier Publications. The opinions expressed in his columns are his own, and do not represent those of the newspapers, or their editorial boards.

  • Published
    April 29, 2021

    Fear and common sense collide

    Fear and common sense are close cousins. Both function as protection, coming at it from very different angles. Over history, the yin and the yang of fear have been confusing. Most recently, with COVID-19 and four years of a Trump administration, fear has been used as a lever to both manipulate and motivate his disciples. The yin had us taunted by Trump to fear immigration policies; we needed to build walls and …

  • Published
    April 15, 2021

    The price of being 'woke': editing your music library

    In the late 1960s, this almost-teenager began listening to radio; popular songs played on the school bus each day. A few of those songs make recently banned Dr. Seuss books deemed “racist” seem tame. Sirius radio still plays these catchy melodies that still encourage sing along — but now judgmental “woke” culture suggests we put fingers in ears humming a “la-la-la” mantra to drown out the lyrics if one wants to …

  • Published
    April 1, 2021

    Crisis at the border?

    When politics gets in the way of straight talk, trouble brews. That’s what is happening at our border, an immigration policy in disarray with nobody wanting to take responsibility. Trump supporters are using this as an “I told you so” moment and the Biden administration is ducking and weaving, trying to avoid the word crisis, not wanting to label this as a Biden misstep. Speaking of ducking the blame, if it …

  • Published
    March 18, 2021

    Does truth matter?

    Kellyanne Conway, former counselor to President Trump, coined the term “alternative facts” while explaining how facts weren’t important when they didn’t support the president’s narrative. By continuing to berate everyone in their path, Trump loyalists insisted facts that went against them could be deflected by calling them “fake news” or coining phrases like “media mob,” “enemies of the state,” “witch hunts,” or …

  • Published
    March 4, 2021

    A tribute to Theodore

    This week I cede my column to my wife Martha. As a community suffers the collective burden of heavy hearts brought on by a tragic fire that took the life of 14-year-old Theodore Hedstrom of Camden, she remembers the gentle soul whose presence is still embracing those he loved, helping heal them with his spirit, which still surrounds and comforts them. *** I am blessed to have known Theodore. As a little baby, …

  • Published
    February 18, 2021

    Words matter

    What we say is important; it is the way humans communicate. The intent of what we say is not always crystal clear, but usually people get the gist, especially when put in context, including the body of work preceding it when that work is extensive, consistent and conclusive. Donald Trump once said he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and get away with it; he has been proven right. His acquittal at …

  • Published
    February 4, 2021

    Mirror, mirror

    Hypocrisy is something “you know when you see it.” Wikipedia says: “Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another or the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform. In moral psychology, it is the failure to follow one’s own expressed moral rules and principles.” Hypocrisy as a behavior is not just …

  • Published
    January 21, 2021

    Accountability and a vote of conscience

    As you read this, (hopefully) our new president will be at the helm. Martin Luther King Jr. said “there comes a time when silence is betrayal,” a quote that gives pause to what is ahead for us as we move on to better times. There has been criticism of those speaking out, like Trump, willingly calling supporters to create anarchy in a last-ditch effort to retain power. They claim a stolen election, though 60-plus …

  • Published
    January 7, 2021

    Karma and a $1,400 tip

    Last week a Portland Press Herald story by Meredith Goad shared with readers that a customer to “Bird & Company” left the staff a $1,400 tip: about $150 for each employee. The $1,400 was nice, but it was the note that gave many hope that mankind is indeed more good than bad. The story shared they were regulars who stopped in for takeout tacos for their Friday date-night with trivia. Their inspiration for the tip …

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