Maureen “Reenie” Arey retires from a career on the road.

Reenie’s retirement open house rich in friendship

Maureen “Reenie” Arey delivered letters, bills, packages and yes, junk too, to 450 rural boxes in Washington for more than 20 years before retiring on Dec. 30. Last Sunday, grateful residents on her route enjoyed an open house to give her a happy send-off into retirement. Organized by Postmaster Bob Madden and attended by retired Postmaster Kathy Daniel, the get-together was a reunion of Reenie’s friends and fans. Kathleen Jones made sure to include plenty of food and decorations. Reenie was always considerate and ready to do little extras to keep our mail safe and dry. She drove 62 miles each mail day in all kinds of conditions. “I kept my focus on getting the job done,” she said. “It kept me from worrying about the weather.” Reenie will be missed not only because of the excellent service she delivered but also for her charming personality and friendly attitude. Thank you, Reenie, and enjoy your retirement!

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