WALDOBORO — On Saturday, Feb. 4, from 4 to 6 p.m., “Getting Onboard,” a collaboration between Midcoast Conservancy and ecologist Janet McMahon, will be held at The Waldo Theatre, 916 Main St. Admission is free.

“Getting Onboard” is a multimedia performance combining live music, imagery, science and spoken word to explore the impacts of climate change in Lincoln County. The hour-long show examines landscape diversity, present and future climate projections, and ideas around increasing ecological and community resilience.

“We are bombarded by information about climate change in the news, media, and our everyday life, but we rarely let ourselves reflect on the change that is becoming a new normal. ‘Getting Onboard’ is an opportunity to learn, reflect and truly feel in the presence of community,” said Halcyon String Quartet member Sophie Davis.

Halcyon’s performance will feature a variety of music including excerpts from a newly commissioned work for string quartet and narration by composer Nathan Davis and featuring narrator David Troup.

Sophie said, “All of Halcyon’s performances use music, film, storytelling and science to explore the ecological and emotional impacts of climate change here in Maine; however, ‘Getting Onboard’ hits especially close to home. Josie and I (violinists in Halcyon) grew up in Lincoln County and many of the slides presented in this show are in our backyard. This show is about our community, culture and ecosystems.”

The work incorporates the perspectives and reflections from members of the community as Midcoast Mainers collectively respond to the challenges and opportunities that climate change inspires.

McMahon, an ecologist whose background includes work for The Nature Conservancy, the Maine State Planning Office, and the Maine Audubon Society, said, “A rapidly warming climate can feel abstract for us here in Maine. One cold snap and our worries subside. As an ecologist, I can’t help but notice profound changes in our Lincoln County forests and waters. Bringing the issue home — to where we live — helps connect our community to the problem and inspire actions large and small. And with action comes hope.”

The event is free for all but registration is required and seating capacity is limited. Doors open at 3 p.m.; refreshments will be available. To register, go to midcoastconservancy.org/events-list/getting-onboard.

For questions, contact Midcoast Conservancy Communications and Engagement Manager Ali Stevenson at ali@midcoastconservancy.org or 207-389-5154.