CAMDEN — The Select Board voted to hire KRT Appraisal to do a full revaluation of town properties for $220,000 for a two-year project, during the Jan. 17 regular board meeting.

Town Assessor Kerry Leichtman recommended hiring KRT in both an email to the board and in comments at the meeting.

He noted as background, “2004 was the last time we did a full ‘measure-and-list’ reval. The term measure-and-list references that we will measure all buildings on the property and list all property attributes by conducting interior and exterior inspections. We have performed three statistical updates since 2004: 2017, 2019 and 2022. A statistical update is a reval lite – statistical analysis of sales without site visits.”

He also noted that the Maine Constitution requires the revals every 10 years and the town is long overdue.

The town received two bids on the project, one from Vision Government Solutions and one from KRT. The assessor recommended KRT, praising the firm’s work.

“KRT’s proposed priced is $220,000. Vision’s price is $249,000.”

Select Board member Alison McKellar asked if an item with that price tag should go to voters at town meeting. Chair Bob Falciani and Town Manager Audra Caler said the select board had the authority to act on the contract and that the town meeting budget already included the funding for the first phase of the revaluation.

Leichtman, in answering questions from the board, noted that property owners do not have to allow assessors into their homes for inspections, but said that if they do not, they cannot appeal the assessment. He added that this is not used as a punitive measure, but it is something to keep in mind if a property owner may want to contest their assessment. Without a full inspection, the assessors simply try to do the best they can from available information to determine the home’s value.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, members of the Save the Dam Falls Committee made a pledge of funds totaling $11,500 to the Camden Select Board for making necessary short-term repairs to the Montgomery Dam. The committee opposes removing the dam as part of the river restoration project the town is considering.

The town’s Megunticook River Citizens Advisory Committee has been reviewing options for the river restoration for months.