ROCKLAND – Trekkers Training Institute has hired Diane Sternberg as the institute’s new training director.

Sternberg began with the Trekkers Training Institute in November, after almost two decades as an experiential educator, program director, and classroom teacher. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in anthropology and a master’s degree in English from Breadloaf School of English. As a program director, she has developed curriculum, trained and supervised a large staff and managed international partnerships at Hurricane Island Outward Bound in Spruce Head, Maine and Big Pine, Florida, as well as helped develop the Waterfront Program at the Sail, Power, and Steam Museum in Rockland.

She also brings classroom teaching experience with Cornerspring Montessori School in Belfast, where she taught seventh- and eighth-grade English, Latin, and social studies, pivoting to a virtual classroom when the pandemic began. She currently serves on the Board of Sundog Expeditions. “All of these jobs have taught me that building supportive and positive relationships, having compassion, and actively listening allows students [youth or adults] to push beyond their comfort zones and discover their strengths and vulnerabilities.”

In her new role, Sternberg believes the skill that can make the biggest impact is her ability to listen. Youth organizations, schools, and families are all challenged to rise to meet the ever-changing needs of youth during the already-tumultuous period of adolescence. Diane is trained to respond to the moment and meet people where they are. “I’m looking forward to meeting practitioners’ needs and helping them reach the outcomes they seek. I’m able to be resourceful with what is available and flexible, [so we can] build something creative, engaging, memorable, and fun.”

She is excited to continue helping TTI (Trekkers Training Institute) take root as a leader in social-emotional learning, and help practitioners use Trekkers Youth Programming Principles to achieve positive outcomes in their own programs and classrooms. As in its programs, a relationship-first approach will be at the core of the training. “The coolest thing about Trekkers is the scope of the program. Over six years, it’s committed to the whole student, including their academic growth, their connections to family, and the entire community. I can’t think of any other program with a scope of commitment like that.”

Sternberg is looking forward to expanding TTI’s professional development offerings. In the meantime, she is open to conversations about what is needed in our community and discovering ways to collaborate with partners. If interested in learning more, please reach out to her at

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