As we close the Thompson Community Center, we need to recognize the hard work and dedication of the Thompson Memorial Association members and their volunteers who made it possible to keep the center open for the last year.

These people made it possible for open gym time, recycled goods shopping, continued room rentals, and the discovery of pickleball. Pickleball is one great example of how this community can provide adults with opportunity for not just exercise, but also a way to meet and socialize with others.

Thompson’s Treasures has provided a low-cost alternative source of clothing and goods for those who in need, and an outlet for recycling for others.

The TCC has offered basketball time for youth, exercise space for the disabled, and a safe, dry place for seniors to walk.

It is only by the efforts of the TMA these things have happened, offering a glimpse of what the future can hold for this town center, for Union and the larger surrounding community.

The Town of Union is now on the next leg of its journey with the Thompson Community Center. Let’s move forward together to find a solution that will meet our needs and desires once more.

Martha Johnston-Nash