This is my first letter to the editor in 15 years of reading, and enjoying, The Courier. I am moved every time I am in our Rockland Hannaford to shout from the rooftops my gratitude for their presence in our community. And yes, I often seek out a supervisor to let them know.

I feel the management has excelled in working to keep prices as reasonable as possible and an inventory as varied and complete as possible, especially given the incredible challenges of the pandemic,  and now from the economy.

But even more impressive than that are the employees.  They stand out for their pleasant, helpful and, yes, resilient presence. The butcher, the deli workers, the cashiers and the baggers, the produce workers and the pharmacy staff have all been consistently pleasant and helpful despite being short-handed, wearing masks and dealing with a pandemic-weary public.

So, thank you to them.

I encourage you to thank them as well. We are fortunate that they are part of our community.

Dianne Oelberger 

Tenants Harbor