CAMDEN — The Camden Public Library, 55 Main St., offers a Brown Bag Lunch with the Artists as a companion event to the January exhibit “Resurgence: Union of Maine Visual Artists in the Mid Coast.” Bring a bag lunch to the library’s Picker Room at noon Wednesday, Jan. 18, for an informal presentation and Q & A with artists Kelly Bennett Desrosiers and Deb Vendetti.

This event will take place simultaneously on Zoom. To attend virtually, use this link to register.

Desrosiers is a Belfast area artist. She will be showing two mixed media collage-based pieces: “Cliffs and Clouds” and “Island Village Treetops.” While these works are first seen as landscape compositions with a magical, enchanted feel, Desrosiers has a science background that informs her art. She is most interested in the complexity of overlaid patterns as a proxy for the layers of relationships in the matrix of the natural world. She plans to speak at the Brown Bag Lunch about chaos and order, and levels of relationship and understanding in her landscapes.

Vendetti will present two works created using vastly different techniques as a starting point for discussion. The first work is an example of Vendetti’s approach informed by her past training as a painter, but with experimental digital augmentation. She will discuss how her process is more about “dancing” with the materials than having a predetermined outcome. The second work is an example of what Vendetti has been doing with graphite for more than 30 years since moving to Maine. It has elements of “the dance” but is firmly rooted in specific places, and in the elements of landscape: sky, horizon line and ocean.

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Artwork by Deb Vendetti.

“Cliffs and Clouds” by Kelly Desrosiers.

Artwork by Deb Vendetti.