ROCKPORT — Everyone knew it was coming but no one expected Rockport’s new Bureau of Motor Vehicles service to be up and running so soon.

Beginning in February, residents in need of new car registrations and license plates can apply for and receive them at the town office on Main Street.

“I didn’t think we’d be ready, but after talking with Liz [Lowe], I think we are actually going to be able to offer that service on Feb. 1,” Rockport Town Manager Jon Duke told the select board members at their Jan. 9 meeting.

His reference was to Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Lowe, who took over as town clerk when Linda Greenlaw retired Jan. 5.

Within days of assuming her new role, Lowe was able to set things in motion to upgrade the town’s motor vehicle service offerings. It had been a priority on her to-do list even before starting the new job.


Town Clerk Liz Lowe helped speed up Rockport’s new motor vehicle service for registrations and plates. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Lowe

Rockport was one of the towns that had not gotten around yet to offering new registration applications and plates as part of its motor vehicles services, she said, and she wanted to get the “new system” in place as soon as possible, she told the Camden Herald.

Town officials had initially thought the service might be added by spring, even before tax time in March and April. But it will happen a lot sooner now.

“It saves our residents a trip to Rockland, which is great,” select board chair Michelle Hannan said.

Duke said, “I think we are going to save a lot of Rockport residents a lot of time, so we’re very excited about that. Again, it was a little bit of a surprise, but those are the types of surprises you want. The plates arrived today.”

Rockport already offers automobile re-registration services, which are also available online, but new car registrations must be done in person, Duke said.

Between now and February, some modifications will be made to the town offices to accommodate the new service, according to Duke. After that, residents will be able to fill out all the applications at the town offices, receive plates then await mail delivery of their official stickers and documents from the state, he said.

“Once we get it off the ground, it’s going to be pretty exciting,” Duke said.