ROCKLAND — A judge lowered bail Friday for a Knox County corrections officer even after the state filed additional charges against the suspect.

Judge John Martin set bail Jan. 6 at $2,500 cash for Andre Elbreisus, 41, of Searsmont. If Elbreisus is able to raise that bail, he will be required to wear a global-positioning system device and be restricted to house arrest.

Elbreisus was initially arrested Nov. 30 for Class B gross sexual assault and taken to the Waldo County Jail in Belfast. Bail was initially set at $10,000 cash and he has not been able to raise that money.

The district attorney’s office filed additional charges for two counts of unlawful sexual contact, unlawful sexual touching, and tampering with a witness. Deputy District Attorney Christopher Fernald said that the offenses include two victims. The tampering charge stems from Elbreisus putting money into one of the victim’s inmate accounts in an effort to stop her from talking about the sexual contact, the prosecutor said.

Fernald argued during the Jan. 6 court hearing against lowering the bail. He cited the seriousness of the charges and the lack of ties that Elbreisus has in Maine. The police report states that Elbreisus admitted to the sexual contact.

The criminal complaint states that Elbreisus engaged in a sexual act with a woman who was detained at the facility. State law makes it a crime because the officer has supervisory or disciplinary authority over the victim.

Defense attorney Seth Levy said that his client would not be able to raise $10,000 cash and thus it would, in effect, be denying him bail. Levy said Elbreisus did not realize that sexual contact with the women was a crime. He also pointed out that Elbreisus has no criminal record.

Elbreisus remains on paid administrative leave. Federal law requires that due process be done before a government employee can be placed on unpaid leave or fired for alleged misconduct.

The sheriff said last month as soon as the issue was brought to the jail’s attention, the district attorney’s office was immediately contacted and the Rockland Police Department began the investigation. The offenses are alleged to have occurred in early November.

Elbreisus was hired about seven months ago. He is a graduate of Lynn English High School in Lynn, Mass. and earned an associate’s degree in criminal justice from ASA College in New York City, according to his Facebook page.

The most serious offense carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. He is next scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 23 unless a grand jury indicts him prior to that date.