New art show reception Sunday

Another outstanding exhibit will open at Gibbs Library this Sunday, Jan. 8, with a selection of works by Connie Bellet entitled “Legends and Legacies.” Several dramatic paintings of natural world and Native American concepts will be on display. This Sunday’s artist’s reception will also feature songs and drumming by the Great Thunder Chicken Drum in the library’s Children’s Area. This is a special opportunity to observe a drum ceremony which occurs rarely in our little town. Connie Bellet, who resides in Palermo, has been drawing and painting since she could walk and majored in Art at Grinnell College and the University of Minnesota. Eventually, Connie teamed up with singer-songwriter Phil White Hawk and painted the Native legends and songs that White Hawk composed for a touring multimedia performance called “Inspirada Americana.” Some of these songs will be shared at the reception. Connie will show some of her prize-winning scrimshaw works, as well, in this rich and varied exhibit. The art show and reception including the drum ceremony and songs is this Sunday (Jan. 8) from 2–4 p.m. The art show will be on display through February.

Select Board and School Board openings

Washington residents who want to run for a three-year position on our Select Board or a three-year position for the School Board need to complete nomination papers between now and Jan. 23. Nomination papers declare one’s intention to run for elected office and require a list of signatures from townspeople who support your candidacy. Nomination papers are available at the Town Office during regular hours.

Thank you from Wes

It worked! Wes Daniel was 100% surprised by the birthday greetings at the town office last week. He says he didn’t have a single clue – which is a tribute to the secret-keeping genius of the team that pulled it off. As always, the Select Board meeting is held on Wednesday evenings so getting Wes (and Tom and Mitch) was easy. Being Christmastime, town employees are invited for cookies and greetings. That includes the office staff and the public works employees. A handful of committee chairs participated, too. Realizing that Wes Daniel’s marker birthday – the big EIGHT-oh – was so close the idea blossomed to “do” something for him. Everybody brought something along when they came. With a little finessing by Angela, all the needs were covered. And by luck most everyone got there before Wes did (thanks to Kathy, I’ll bet), so we could all be seated in the Bryant Room. Wes walked in headed for his usual seat and stopped dead in his tracks when everyone burst into a loud “Happy Birthday dear Wesley.”

Wes phoned me and asked that his deep and sincere thanks be expressed to everyone. And so, I convey those thanks, mentioning that Wes’s voice was full of feeling as he talked about his reaction at the time. He was pleased, and humbled, a bit awe struck and a happy almost 80!

A new year, a clean slate, another chance.  My very best wishes for 2023.