Alison McKellar points out a simple fact in her dump article [Camden Herald, Dec. 8, 2022] : “There is no Market for glass in Maine”

Well, if you crush it & call it sand, it solves three problems:

Canada buys glass from the USA and uses it for road grip. (We should too/versus salt.)

Currently the world demand for sharp sand has concrete nearing $300/cubic yard, due to shortage of sharp sand. (Searsport is a world seaport) there is no sharper sand than glass.

Camden Rockport land fill uses glass as “A top cap” to coat the mound.

Now hear me out — someone has to finance a glass crusher/sifter to make it viable.

However, in Finland, a man has figured out how to make a “battery” from sand. He fills a large cylinder with sand, then heats it with sun and wind only. It gets up to 500 degrees centigrade and is harnessed as needed. It works for factories, schools, etc. It can harness heat or electricity when the sun is down.

Glass is made from sand and sand is made from glass. Imagine a rust-free roadway without salt? We could export crushed glass from Searsport versus importing rock salt from across the Atlantic.

We need to learn from our world partners like Canada and Finland

Glass ain’t trash!

Woody Proctor