OWLS HEAD — The town will remove the remnants of a sailboat that has long been grounded.

The Owls Head Select Board discussed the issue Tuesday evening, Jan. 3.

The vessel has been grounded near the end of Harborside Terrace for about two years. The former owner of the vessel abandoned the boat.

Harbor Committee member Richard Carver said he has spoken with the harbormaster who planned to have a group go down to the shore when there is an appropriate low tide that coincides with when the stump dump is open. A chainsaw will be used to cut up the wreckage and most will be removed. Carver said the engine block probably won’t be able to removed in that planned effort,

Residents in that area have asked the town to take action, Select Board Chair Gordon Page noted.

There were also questions about the safety of the steps leading from the end of Harborside Terrace to the shore. Deputy Harbormaster Walter Wotten said he had the steps built 10 to 15 years ago when he was harbormaster. He said a lot more people have been using the beach, particularly after an article was published in a magazine several years ago.

Carver said the steps are an extension of the road but the town does not own the beach.

Airport moratorium

The Board also said it is waiting for an update from the Owls Head Airport Advisory Committee on any ordinances it plans to propose.

Residents approved a six-month moratorium on new construction at the Knox County Regional Airport at the annual town meeting on Aug. 29, 2022. That moratorium will end about March 1.

Chair Page said a representative of the Committee had planned to attend and update the Board but a work requirement led to him missing the Jan. 3 meeting. An update is expected to be emailed to the Select Board.

Select Board member Linda Post noted that if the Committee wants an ordinance considered before the moratorium expires there is a time crunch. She pointed out proposed ordinances need to go before the Planning Board and a public hearing must be held.

Page noted that ordinances can be presented at any time and does not have to be done during the moratorium.

The goal of the moratorium, according to the supporters of the ordinance, was to halt new projects at the airport as the group works to craft new land-use laws to regulate future development at the airport.